Risky Business

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Taking risks is one of the scariest things you can do. It’s something completely subjective. Something that may present a risk to you, may be completely natural to others and vice versa. So why do it? There are many benefits … Read More

What are you afraid of?

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There’s a lot of good reasons for people to feel scared. Millions of people have fled and are still fleeing their homes, or what used to be their homes. We all have a very strong attachment to the places we … Read More

What does a globally employable young person look like?

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“I believe international experience is the new standard by which job applicants will be measured, so having international experience will be crucial for future job searches.” -Respondent of the Youth Global Employability Survey More and more young people dream about … Read More

You’re never too young to save the world

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They say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. That all efforts matter; but in an era of speed, development and growth, it’s easy to forget how important each and every one of our actions … Read More

The Beauty of Beginnings

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We grow up taught to be afraid of beginnings; of everything new, of the unknown. We are told that it sure is worth starting fresh, but that it’s going to be hard and painful. Somewhere along the road to maturity, … Read More

Don’t Speak, Listen!

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Communication isn’t something we usually give much thought to, we don’t practice how to talk to our friends or business partners, we don’t research on how to improve it. But being good at communication will improve your relationships and good … Read More

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