A little boy’s decision

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I  remember when I was in middle school, a tiny little impressionable 12 year old boy. I wasn’t what you would call popular, but this isn’t some sob story about how I didn’t have friends. This is a story that … Read More

Activate Yourself (QUIZ)

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Leadership is complicated stuff, and there is no perfect definition. How can you know when you’re a good leader? You can always examine your results, but what if those results, even if they are good, are just a result of … Read More

A bouquet of people

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Diversity, diversity, diversity. We always emphasize how important it is to embrace and live it. But it’s not our intrinsic need to lecture people, that makes us emphasize this point over and over again. Sticking strictly to the workplace, diversity … Read More

Loving Leadership

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Leadership is no easy task. Many people fail to see how diverse and multilayered it can be. You think, “Oh, it’s just about bossing a bunch of people around, it’s not that hard,” but the true definition is a lot … Read More

Frappuccino with Leadership please – extra Values on top

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Our world is facing a lot of issues at the moment. I know, alert the media. Everyone already knows, right? Well judging by our actions, it wouldn’t seem that way. Wars are waged, people are dying from starvation or disease, … Read More

Health Is a Right — Not a Privilege

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My name is Mariana Lainfiesta. I am currently living in Guatemala City, Guatemala. As a psychology intern at Hospital General San Juan de Dios, I give workshops once a month about health. Throughout my six months working here, I’ve come … Read More

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