Attacking Poverty

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The majority of us, back in the day, have always dreamt of growing up, getting a job and making money. It is said that what we do of today will be the result of tomorrow and that has always kept us into thinking that every individual will make his way out the same way. But what we forget most of the time is that all of us need resources in order to reach there and not everyone of us has access to that.

Sadly, one in five people in developing regions still live on less than $1.25 a day. That’s about more than 800 million people. Honestly, how many of us can really manage with that? Not being able to do the things we want to or live a life that is not even close to at least fulfilling the basic economic needs of a human; how many of us can survive this way?

Poverty instills hunger and widespread malnutrition. Education, housing and other basic services are clearly unattainable. Women and children are mostly subjected to adverse situations due to poverty and the effect of it, both physically and psychologically, is devastating. The threats of climate change, conflict and food insecurity, have also posed to be even more dangerous and calls for an urgency to bring people out of poverty.

As eradicating poverty remains the greatest global challenge, the Sustainable Development Goal 1 is to End poverty in all its forms everywhere. Youth 4 Global Goals along with the UNDP aims to address the issue by raising awareness and activating leadership among individuals to take action. The essence is that many do not have the resources to attack poverty back but we, in many ways, do. And not just for ourselves but for a whole lot of people.

It is essential for us to understand the severity of situations that poverty causes and that requires a massive lot of us to work against it and then there’s always hope to conquer. Would you be a part?


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