Daniela’s Exciting South American Trip

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Story edited by Edgar Romero. Hi everyone! My name is Daniela Michelle Tafolla Fraga, and I’m currently a member of the AIESEC committee in Guadalajara, Mexico. But my journey with AIESEC actually began a bit earlier, with my internship in … Read More

5000+ Years of History in One Exchange With AIESEC

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What if you are passing by the experience of your life every day? That is something Zak, today’s Global Volunteer, thought of. He thought of it until he decided that he didn’t want to miss out on any opportunities that … Read More

A Complete Guide of Our Exchange Programs

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What is the biggest fear you have ever experienced? Chances are that you and everyone else in the world fear the same thing. The unknown. After all, the unknown or uncertainty are the roots of fear. We know that. Which … Read More

Traveling Around the World. First Stop: Türkiye

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Open your Instagram. What do you see? If your feed is flooded with people in the most exotic and far places, it means that you are one that aspires one day to travel the world. This has been the case … Read More

Barbara’s Journey: An Adventure with AIESEC in the Heart of Peru

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What if you don’t go on exchange? Chances are, you might be missing out on memories that would stick with you for the rest of your life. Or, you would miss out on one of your dreams. The dream is … Read More

AIESEC’s 75th Anniversary Storybook

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Presenting AIESEC’s 75th Anniversary Storybook! An anthology filled with hundreds of impactful stories from AIESECers across generations globally.

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