IT- The Backbone of the World

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IT- Information Technology plays as a backbone of all industries with the origin of Computers and the Internet. There are a lot of fields like Graphic Designing, Data Analyst, Web Designing, Technical Support, Social Media Experts etc. are the fields that are directly related to the IT industry. But, with the globalization, It has entered every industry and made our lifestyle easier.

Many of the people wonder that pursuing IT as a career option limits you to above-mentioned options, but, NO! You can work mostly on every Industry with IT.

Here are some of them:

Media: IT Industry has totally transformed media. This is why media can cover news better and can distribute it for mass consumption on a larger scale. Apart from TV even Social Media is all about IT which has given rise to even more career options.

Banking: Data entries are directly and efficiently recorded in PC files, money can be transferred online, the account balance can be checked, people have been provided with the service online banking service to carry out various transactions. Even our ATM cards are the result of IT industry.

Business: Businesses across the world, due to IT, are not bound to a geographical area anymore. IT has made this possible. In fact, many businesses run Online only.

Education: Internet plays a vital role in teaching students now. There’s absolutely no shortage of information online and can be accessed easily, you might have heard about various Online courses as well.

Medical: IT has also brought changes and opportunities in the medical sector as well. With the help of new techniques, technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and equipment physicians can provide more accurate treatment to patients. Something that wasn’t really possible ten years ago.

Transport: It has even touched the transport sector. New inventions and innovations have upgraded the transport industry at a huge level. Roadways, railways, airways, waterways all are revolutionized. Availability of seats, timings are all easy just because of the internet.

And of course, there are many more.

It won’t be wrong to say that we are in truly living in a globalized village, where everyone is connected with everyone. IT has a major hand in turning things around for every industry. Let’s explore pool of more Opportunities with IT industry at


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