3 Important Changes to achieve Quality Education

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“For all young people to be educated by 2030, we have to focus on greatly improving the learning opportunities of disadvantaged children.” The Guardian

Sustainable Development Goals to be concurred by world pioneers incorporate a commitment to ensure that all youngsters to have access to great quality education both primary and lower secondary by 2030.

Achieving these objectives will require enhanced instructive quality and solution orientation for the most disadvantaged kids from the nearest years.  Today, governments, schools, and teachers focus on the more advantaged, able kids. For systems to close educational inequalities, they must focus on the needs of more disadvantaged children.


Here are 3 steps to achieve this:

  1.   Focus more on the weakest learners.

One of the main reasons as to why so many children spend time in school without progressing is overly ambitious and inflexible curricula.
According to the recent experiment in India, community teachers spent half of each school day working on basic skills with the children with lowest marks in grades three and four (ages 8 to 10); a year later, these children achieved better learning outcomes than 54% of children who did not receive this support.


  1.   Providing best teachers to disadvantaged kids.

In many nations, improper training of teachers is holding back the learning of kids. In addition to this, the best teachers are often not reaching schools where they are most needed.
Vietnam is one country that has addressed this: “Teachers of more disadvantaged children are actually absent less often, provide feedback more regularly, and are slightly more likely to have received ‘excellent teacher’ status.”


  1.   Empower parents and communities to hold schools with proper learning resources.

To implement measures aimed at raising learning outcomes and reducing inequalities, households and communities need to hold policymakers and school leaders to account.
Governments must put in certain ambitious reforms that aim at targeting the learning of the most disadvantaged. Only if they implement concrete steps will we have any chance of achieving real progress towards leaving no one behind by 2030.

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