Top innovations in the recruitment field

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You have probably heard about a million times how work and how we are working changes. But it’s true! For recruiters, this means that the way you recruit changes too. New innovations emerge constantly, and these can help you boost your recruitment. So, let’s take a look at the top innovations in recruitment field.

Artificial intelligence

The use of AI in companies has increased in the last couple of years. You can use AI to boost manual work, freeing employees to focus on more creative aspects of their jobs. It can also improve candidate engagement and simplify onboarding.

One such task is automated resume screening. Imagine that you have to fill in five positions in your company, but receive over 200 applications. Instead of going through all of them yourself, AI can do it for you and present the most suitable candidates from the bunch.

Using AI also reduces unintentional bias in your recruitment process. Humans have stereotypes and prejudices about other humans, be it conscious or not. AI does not have this bias; instead, it focuses on candidates’ skills and talents.

Innovation from within

Nowadays people want authenticity. This is something you can also use; PR-videos are nice and all, but they mostly feel unreal.  Innovative use of authenticity includes employee stories, where your employees tell the world what it is like to work in your company. How about giving an employee access to your company’s Instagram account and letting them tell their personal story?

Behind the scenes works perfectly to show authenticity and to humanize your company. Authentic photos and videos create a sense of realism and trustworthiness. Behind the scenes content is also perfect to attract potential new candidates. Check this post by Flightmedia to find more BTS ideas for your company.

Using data

One of the top innovations in recruitment field is to use data. Gathering data is pretty much a must in the corporate world, and has practical uses in the recruitment field as well. For example, data can help you understand which recruiting or social media channels your candidates come from. This helps you decide in which channels to put more effort to maximize recruiting effectiveness.

Alternative recruiting

Companies have also innovatively used alternative sites and channels in their recruitment. Amazon has had recruiting ads on Tinder, and McDonald’s uses Snapchat. This is definitely innovative! However, before creating dating profiles for your company you should consider if it is effective for your company. Alternatively: is this the site/channel through which you can reach the kind of people you want to recruit?

One site people might overlook is AIESEC’s partnership portal. Check it out today to find top talent for your company!

Also, with more and more people using mobile devices, it might be worthwhile to look into using mobile recruitment.


From AI to data, top innovations in recruitment field help you to recruit the best people your company needs to succeed. To get a broader overview of the current state, check our previous post about trends that affect the workforce. Keep your eyes open for new innovations and use them to secure the top talent!


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