International hires to support company growth

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Diversity has been a growing trend in the workforce and a theme discussed many times already on this blog. Big companies like Google, Facebook and Apply all have board members exclusively tasked with diversifying the company’s workforce. What do these three companies have in common? They all use their diverse workforce as a catalyst for company growth.

The benefits of diversity in the workplace are clear: international hires bring new talent and experience, innovation, and needed language skills. McKinsey’s Diversity Matters report from 2015 found that more diverse organizations performed better in multiple aspects: they have a larger talent sourcing pool, more innovation as well as a stronger customer orientation resulting in better customer satisfaction.

But how can your organization harness the benefits of a diverse and international workforce in order to support company growth?

Find top talent across borders

Relocating for employment has become more and more common in today’s globalized world. This is especially true for millennials, who, according to a study done by Grabeel, see relocating for a job as a “a catalyst for achieving career goals.” Not only can hiring internationally help you fill your current vacant positions when job markets are tight, but it also brings the benefits of diversity into your workforce.

Innovate by internationalizing

International hires bring new perspectives and will challenge your teams in ways you can’t imagine. However, bringing in more variety in problem-solving, strategic direction and innovative ideas is only as good as acting on them.

Level-up your customers’ experience

Bringing in international hires brings in new perspectives. It can also help you avoid scenarios in which important strategic decisions are made in rooms about customers that live very different lives than those making the decisions. Bringing in new cultural perspectives will help you connect better with your customer base. This will boost customer engagement and satisfaction.

Widen your reach

The best international hires bring with them new cultural knowledge and language skills that can be used to widen the reach of your organizations. Expansion is much smoother when bringing in international hires who can use their network to gain momentum for your expansion plan.

Ever thought about expanding into a new market that has for the time being seemed impenetrable? Want to expand your talent pool and bring in innovative hires who think differently than you? Is leveling up customer experience important to you?  Hiring internationally and harnessing the potential of international hires will get you one step closer to achieving your goals. Find out more here about how your company can use international interns.


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