10 extraordinary careers you can follow

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Sometimes it is very difficult to choose a career you like, sometimes you just don’t know. The truth is, the less you know about the world the less choices you have about the extraordinary career of your dreams. So here I present you 10 extraordinary careers you can do just to open your minds a bit and broaden your choices.

1.Movie Critic

Being a movie critic is so cool. You get to see many movies and rate them. Analyze them and give your opinion about them to the world. Many people get paid a lot for this.

2.Holiday Reporter

Travel a lot. Meet new places. Tell the world about them. Many times you will also get all the cool places for free just to right a review about them.


Showcase your story. Writing is a wonderful mean of self-expression and can really help you understand yourself, while in the meantime helping others through your stories and ideas.


Make everyone see the world through your eyes. Being a photographer is quite expressive, yet demanding. Depending on the subjects you will be photo shooting, it can vary.

5.Flight Attendant/ Steward

Travel around the world and get paid. You get to attend people, in some cases even save lives or help women give birth to children. Challenges are never over when you are a flight attendant, and discovering the world is never over.


Get paid quite a lot of money and help people communicate. Being a translator doesn’t necessarily mean you have to know many languages. Just by knowing well one that not many people know, can get you the job.

7.Operations Research Analyst

The world is not perfect. It has many problems and that’s where these people come into the picture. Businesses, corporations and governments need them to function properly and find logistical problems.

8.Business, Career and Life Coach

People with experience and studies in one of these fields help others grow on them, in a complex world as the one we live in today. Help them find their vision and true potential. These are the little angels on the shoulders of great people who accomplished many things.

9.Software Developer

In a world where technological evolution is happening and more and more disciplinary areas need technology nowadays, being a software developer can get you a job pretty much anywhere. These people are in high demand.

10.Private Island Caretaker

Many private islands, lonely and far away from civilization, need someone to take care of them. A nice environment to live and work. Getting tanned almost all year and swimming in the beach while receiving a high salary sounds like a dream to me.


These are just ten options you can have as careers in the future, but there are thousands more and I wish I could put them all in this blog, but this would make it long and tiring to read. I hope I gave you some food for thought and activated some desire in you. But the first step into finding your career is exploring. Exploring yourself and the world around you.

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