5 ways to make candidates come to you

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If you wish to grow your company, you need to be ready to hire more people. That much is sure. However, you can start putting yourself out there even before you start the recruiting process itself. By doing this, you create presence within potential candidates and make the work easier for you. Here are five ways to make candidates come to you.

1. Show what happens behind the scenes

Something that intrigues people is behind the scenes, as it shows them something they would not see otherwise. Basically, what you want to do is to simple: showcase everyday life in your company. Due to this, you humanize your company, build trust with your audience and make them feel special. Make BTS content about project updates, new hires or even office pets. Another possible idea could be to have one employee record their work week, and post photos and videos regularly on social media.

The effect: you can showcase your workplace in a personal way to possible future candidates and arouse interest in applying.

2. Get external help

Contacting recruiting services can help you to widen your reach when it comes to searching candidates. Services outside your organization might just have the network or the contacts to the people you are looking for. Alternatively, they can post an open position in their network for you.

For example, companies can work with AIESEC and publish a job opportunity on AIESEC’s partnership portal. On the portal, thousands of candidates already looking for jobs can contact you and apply directly to your opening.

The effect: access to a wide network makes you known within possible candidates

3. Use social media

Using social media is a sort of push-pull thing. By investing in your presence where people spend their time (social media) they also get to know your company better. Furthermore, this can lead them to consider applying for your company, even if you don’t currently have openings. Social media is a great way to show who you and your company are.

The effect: social media leads to a larger crowd.

4. Create interesting job postings

Many candidates still look for jobs on job forums online. What you write in your job posting can determine whether a candidate applies to the position or continues their search. Things to mention in a posting include explaining your purpose and why you do what you do as well as the job’s challenges. Also, have an engaging description of the person you are looking for and highlight personality and interests. Finally, don’t forget to mention the possibilities for career advancing.

The effect: an interesting job posting leads to a higher chance of a candidate applying.

5. Promote your culture

This one goes hand in hand with #1 on the list. Company culture is an important factor in employee commitment and lowering absenteeism. By demonstrating your company’s values you create a positive image for potential candidates who share those values. This might limit the number of potential applicants, but it can lead to more interested candidates. What are the aspects of your organization’s culture you would like to share with future applicants?

The effect: people feel more inclined towards companies that share their values and beliefs.


The ways to make candidates come to you are numerous. For starters, you should be present on many platforms. Let the people know who you are and what it is like to work in your company. Showcase the everyday life and culture in your organization to become attractive in candidates’ eyes. As a result, it could just lead to the right people applying.


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