Technology in recruitment – helpful or distracting?

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Technology in recruitment can help you boost your hiring process. At the same time, some people might argue against using technology, preferring old school methods. As technology advances, it will become more relevant in recruitment too. However, it also raises a lot of questions. Is technology in recruitment helpful? Is it distracting? Something in between? Let’s find out!

Why technology in recruitment might be helpful

The first benefit that technology allows you to do is, well, what you do, but faster. Remember the days when you scrambled through CVs manually for hours? A computer can process CVs a lot quicker than a human, allowing you to go through dozens of applications in no time. Computers also allow you to set predefined requirements or categories that the program can look for in the applications.

Technology also helps you to reduce bias in your recruiting. Through computerized CV screening, the computer can omit normally bias-creating attributes. These include, for example, gender, age, name or nationality. This is how you can focus on things that matter, such as education, work experience, and other skills. This can also be a great way to increase diversity among your employees.

When you give technology some of your tasks, you have more time for other work. Use this time to prepare yourself for the next step of the recruitment or do some other managerial tasks. While the computer works for you, you can already set your eyes on the future.

Why technology in recruitment might be distracting

While technology and using it for recruiting can benefit your company, it might also have some distracting downsides. One of them is giving technology too much attention. There is the danger that you focus too much on how technology can help you recruit than on the actual recruitment. Even though the intention is good, it does not help you achieve your recruiting goals.

Using too much technology can also distract you from your candidates. Most companies strive for trusting employee relations and want to show that they care for their employees. This, of course, has its benefits. If you automate the whole recruitment process, it contradicts this idea.

The verdict

There are two words that you should keep in mind when discussing technology in recruitment: too much.

Technology has its benefits for recruiters, but using it too much probably does more harm than good. Technology is great for the beginning of the recruitment to go through the applications and to reduce bias. However, after this, you should reconsider the balance between humans and machines. A great example of this is AIESEC’s partnership portal, where technology helps employers and candidates meet. Check it out today!

Whatever your stance to technology is, one thing is sure: it is here to stay. We just need to use technology the best way possible.


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