The Impact Spreads with AIESEC: World’s Largest Lessons in 2022!

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2022 has left behind a more significant impact than ever before with AIESEC!

6000+ Students were engaged with the World’s Largest Lesson in 2022. So what is the World’s Largest Lesson? The World’s Largest Lesson aims to introduce United Nations’ Global Goals to children worldwide and has reached over 130 countries and millions of children since its launch in September 2015.

Regional President Meeting in Poland (November 2022)

It generates resources that develop qualified and creative problem-solving skills to support teachers’ lessons and enable them to carry out projects related to Sustainable Development Goals with their students. At the core of the sources are animated films written by education leader Sir Ken Robinson, played by Aardman Animation, and promoted through celebrities known and respected by students worldwide, such as Emma Watson, Serena Williams, and Malala Yousafzai. These films provide the context for Global Goals, inspiring students to use their creative power and take action.

How has AIESEC done the World’s Largest Lesson? Here are a few of our project realizations from our AIESECers all around the world.

WLL Cambodia at AIESEC’s Regional President Meeting Asia Pacific 2022

This platform, produced by Project Everyone, is carried out in partnership with many non-governmental organizations such as UNICEF and UNESCO, private sector organizations, and foundations and is delivered to students through many different channels. Every year, countries’ education ministries are invited to attend the World’s Largest Lesson. Young people, who also carry out voluntary activities in AIESEC, continue to have hope for the future and spread its impact to the world in 2022.

As AIESEC, we positively impact many children in various countries of the world every year. In the World’s Largest Lessons held in 2022, we entered countless classes, and our volunteers gave lectures. These countries include but are not limited to:

AIESEC in Portugal 1010 students,

AIESEC in Brazil has 1051 students,

AIESEC in Poland has 1430 students,

AIESEC in Türkiye has 1640 students.

AIESEC in Cambodia has 1110 students.

WLL Türkiye at AIESEC Türkiye National Conference

AIESEC in Türkiye conducted the largest classes and workshops in the world through WLL and emitted children’s ideas for a sustainable future of the world turned into projects. It was all about the young people of AIESEC taking steps for a more aware tomorrow.


In 2022, the impact was not limited to this. SDG12 was explained under the sponsorship of “Food Heroes” (Global Goals Food Project) Electrolux Food Foundation within the scope of SDG 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production from Sustainable Development Goalss, the importance of responsible consumption and production for a better future was emphasized.

We are very proud of our AIESEC entities, who made such an amazing impact through the Food Heroes implementation throughout 2022. Below are the entities who have contributed to our Food Heroes project.

AIESEC in Brazil 244 Class,

AIESEC in Australia 116 Class,

AIESEC in Argentina 174 Class,

AIESEC in Romania 121 Class,

AIESEC in Mexico 58 Class,

AIESEC in Italy 53 Class,

AIESEC in Peru 76 Class.

WLL Poland at AIESEC’s Regional President Meeting Europe 2022

Can you imagine if one child could affect at least one person in the middle of the children’s crowds? How big the impact we will create will be? At AIESEC, we are eager to look forward to seeing our future generations make a positive impact and giving more awareness toward Global Goals for future children. AIESEC is engaging for hoping to teach more kids in the upcoming World’s Largest Lesson in 2023!


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