4 Easy Methods to Learn Your Dream Language in 2024

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What if your path to career advancement or finding your next best friend is a language away? But you are dwelling over the fact that you didn’t manage to learn a new language to fluency in 3 months.

We have some news for you!. Learning a language takes more than 3 months. More than 6 months even! Don’t beat yourself down. It takes consistency to reach mastery. No wonder the Duo from Duolingo keeps sending you reminders to do your daily dose of language exercise.

Since it’s such a long journey, it should also be as enjoyable as possible. And it can be! Keep on reading to find out what some fun ways there are to become fluent in your desired target language.

Netflix and learn

Netflix is a very popular platform for pretty much any generation. After a long day, we like to relax by following our favorite series, or watch a movie we have been looking forward to for a long time.

Yet, since we already are determined to watch a series, why not do it in our target language?

This way, you are getting familiar with the pronunciation of the language and additionally pick up words from diverse interactions you can see on the screen.

Here is what do you need to:

Select your desired series or movie.
Change the language to your target language audio AND subtitles.
Watch it.

Pretty simple, right?

You have to keep audio and subtitles in the desired language, because this way, not only do you hear it, but you can also see how it’s written. Increasing your chances of getting familiar with the language.

Spotify, language for everyone

Similar to the previous idea, you could use your favorite music streaming platform to help you master a new language.

You can research and support artists that sign in the language you want to learn, say…Spanish, French, Vietnamese, you name it!

Create a playlist with your favorite jams.

Or, you can choose from the many podcasts available online.

Duolingo has one for a few languages that you can check out. It’s best to go for a podcast that also offers transcripts. This way, you can deepen your knowledge.

Listen once to an episode. Listen then again following the transcript. And listen for a third time, but after translating the transcript.

Takes some time, yes, but your vocabulary will expand tremendously.

Your daily commutes were never this pleasant.

Kindle to read more

Read, read, and read some more.

Our 3rd way to learn a new language is by reading as much as you can. And, of course, in the language you are studying. If you followed the previous methods, then you are familiar with the pronunciation.

Reading is a great way to expand vocabulary, improve creativity, and widen your knowledge about different topics, too.

You can buy your books, physical or as an ebook, and read it on your Kindle (or any other ebook reader). You can sign-up for a subscription based platform, like Scribd. Or, you can download the books for free, on websites, such as Project Gutenberg. There are many other websites like this one. You just need to search a little bit.

AIESEC language talent 

Last, but not least, you can take an internship abroad where the language you are interested in is spoken. 

We already stated how a language cannot be mastered in just a few months. That’s why, with Global Talent you can stay for 1 year, or even more in your exchange country.

Staying for a year or more, will allow you to associate words with objects easier, you will interact with locals and pick up day to day interaction expressions, and make friends.

With your new friends you can continue practicing even after you return to your home country. Instant messaging makes it possible to chit-chat daily with someone, wherever they are.

And, if you have no idea where to start, Global Talent internships will offer you enough time to sign up for a language course, too.

So, with Global Talent you gain career essential skills+international friends+new language. Why not go for it?

Bottom line

Language learning takes a lot of time and dedication. And we will not always have the time and energy to open up a textbook and complete some grammar exercises.

During those times, it is best to not beat ourselves. When it comes to language learning, consistency is more important than length of your study sessions. It is therefore best to engage with the language in the least effort consuming way.

And, if you are interested in learning more than just a language, check out the internships we have available on AIESEC!

Or maybe…be the one that makes language learning possible for someone else with Global Teacher?


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