What Is Good Career Advice For Recent Graduates?

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Did you know? If you are a graduate, chances are up to 50% that you won’t be working in the field you studied for. 

There are various reasons:

– The current job market is not looking for profiles in the field you studied. 

– There is too much competition. 

– You realized you aren’t drawn to your major after all.  

Adding this all together we can conclude that navigating the job market after you just finished your studies can be overwhelming. Don’t let anyone else fool you thinking it’s not. 

But what to do to improve the vulnerable situation you are in (or will be)?

1.Try out

Do you enjoy working with people? Or maybe animals? Or does coding bring you joy?
Do you prefer your work to be organized or chaotic? Do you like structure, or do you prefer a rather creative approach?

How do you know what you like? How do you know what you don’t like?

These questions are difficult to answer if you do not have a vast experience. Therefore, our first advice to you is to try out as many things as possible.

If you haven’t spent much time during your university years to explore what you like and are best at, don’t worry, there is still time and opportunities lying around.

You could work for a short period, part-time or full-time in different fields of what you could potentially like.

You can also sign-up to be a volunteer and rotate in the NGO’s department, taking on different roles and tasks.

You can also start freelancing if you want to explore your more creative side, and why not, maybe even start your own small business?

2. Find a mentor

Learning from your own mistakes is a good take. But learning from someone else’s mistakes is an even better one.

Our second advice would be for you to find a mentor.

Once you joggled around different fields and types of work, you get a better idea of what makes you tick. To not lose more time, find a mentor that is in the position you aspire to be.

Of course, you might still not 100% know where you see yourself in 5 years, but with a mentor by your side, you can slowly but steadily draft your action plan for the time being.

Choosing a mentor can be a tricky task. Yet, strive to find people who are open to help you, have the time, and also have had a similar starting point as you.

3.Intern abroad 

When getting in touch with a foreign country and culture, you only get to win.

Ok, fine, living and interning abroad as a recent graduate can be a bit more costly than staying in your hometown. Additionally, comfort is less present. And, occasionally you will miss your family and friends.

But in the long run, it is one of the best things you can do for yourself. That’s why, interning abroad is our third piece of advice for you.

Interning in a country you never lived in lets you take part in a lot of different experiences.

Not only do you get to learn from industry professionals, get to improve your skills and knowledge in a specific area, and help you discover innovative solutions to problems, but it also helps you discover yourself.

Since you are now away from the comfort of your home, the environment you’ve always been to, you can now start seeing yourself from a different perspective the moment you are out of the places that are familiar to you.

4.Invest in yourself 

And lastly, invest in yourself.

Investing in yourself can come in various ways.

You can invest yourself by making healthy choices, such as deciding to sign up for the gym, a dance class, or any other activity that helps you be fit.

It means paying a little bit more, if possible, on food that is more nutritious, and taking the time to cook at home.

And it can also mean to invest in your mental health. Since June is mental health month, we would like to remind you, how taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body. At the end of the day, they are both connected and will impact each other.

It is now time to become the best version of yourself, so that you can create the right environment for yourself at work or outside work, because you got to know yourself and how to be efficient.


Despite the post-student life being a scary moment, filled with uncertainty, there are still ways to take control and turn it into one of the most exciting periods of your early adult life.

A period that is filled with self-discovery, adventure, excitement, and lessons.

We wish you a happy journey. 


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