What If I Don’t Intern With AIESEC?

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Have you ever wondered what the world will look like in a couple of years?

Just think about it, 20 years ago, some jobs weren’t even created. The world didn’t know about social media managers, app developers, AI engineers, and the list can continue. But now, we almost cannot live without them, and many of us aspire to land a job in the newly created departments.

The world is in constant change, and it raises the question: “Are you changing with it”?

Our solution as a global youth organization is an international internship. And we will explore its benefits today, by looking deeper into the things you miss out on, by not going on exchange.

So, what if I don’t take an international internship?

1. Global perspective 

Not going on an international internship means that you pass on the chance to gain a global perspective.

Why is it useful to have a global perspective? Simple. A perspective of this kind will give you a deeper understanding of current market trends, how different cultures interact with each other and how you can interact with them, and how business works on a wider spectrum across different countries, and even continents. Not everyone has this kind of perspective. Therefore, if you do, it can easily become one of your biggest selling points for your future employer.

Today, our markets are more connected than ever, and technological advancements deepened even more this web. 

2. Creative insights

Connected to the previous point, learning how the world operates will also provide you with different ways to handle issues.

Going on exchange and interning for a company abroad, will allow you to observe different approaches when dealing with several problems.

A person from the UK will look at a problem differently than someone from Malaysia, and vice-versa.

It will help you see things from various angles and find the best solution possible for the task in front of you.

It can be a breath of fresh air when all the other employees at your company handle tasks and issues the same way, and can’t seem to improve the situation. 

3. Industry secrets 

Some industries might have different innovations lined up, which you might not be aware of. Not going on an international internship will mean that you will never discover the industry secrets some countries have to offer.

This can become a competitive advantage, since you can provide new practices to your future employer. Or even better, you can copy some of it for your own business, if entrepreneurship is what you aspire to do.

Who knows, maybe the country you intern with has the solution your local community is looking for?

4. Essential skills

Whatever you’ll be doing, there is no way you will not improve your current skills, and even add new ones.

While doing several tasks, and combining different good case practices, you will become an undeniable candidate to future endeavors. What company doesn’t want to see a candidate that is highly skilled in using various platforms and programs?

Yet not only technical skills are being improved, but also personal ones.

You will become more adaptable and solution-oriented. And, at the same time, you will be able to communicate your ideas better.

Being in a different culture than yours, means that the way you are communicating is challenged. Not everyone will understand you at first. Be it because of language barriers or cultural aspects.

It will push you to communicate in a simpler way. A way that is understood by everyone. 
5. Unique experiences

Lastly, something you will miss out on is the experience as a whole. The story you will never be able to tell.

The travels you will never take, the friends you will never make. The activities you will never partake in.

Staying in your hometown, or just studying is something all you and your peers have in common.


Studying, or working in your home country is ok. Don’t get us wrong. However, this is something everyone around you does. It will not make you stand out from all the other candidates.

And in a world that is constantly changing, the way to be ahead of it, is to be on par with the newest trends, skills, and technology.

You can choose to not miss out on all of this, by signing up on Global Talent today.


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