From AIESEC to Microsoft

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Did you know that the skills you learn in AIESEC can land you the opportunity to work in one of the most desired companies in the world?

If that sounds too good to be true, then we invite you to meet Andrada!

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My AIESEC journey

Hello everyone, this is Andrada, and I will share with you my story from AIESEC to Microsoft.

I joined AIESEC during my time in university. I knew that formal education would be worth it and provide me with knowledge, but I felt the need to gain different skills as well. I wanted to explore more.

AIESEC felt like the right place to do so.

My first role was in the human resources department. I enjoyed it like crazy! It inspired me to apply as team leader.

At first I was nervous, but then again, I knew I wanted that role. Luckily I also succeeded and I had a team to lead. I was team leader for a volunteering project of AIESEC.

I had a lot of fun. With my team, with the international volunteers, and even with the children we interacted with during our project. It wasn’t always easy, but it was a beautiful experience nonetheless.

I learned how to communicate better with people around me, how to motivate them to achieve their own goals.

Later, I challenged myself once again, and took on the role of the finance vice-president in the local AIESEC committee I was active in. Mind you, my degree was in communications. It was a 180 degree change. This role provided me with all the necessary knowledge regarding finances and legality, which came in handy for my next role as president of the same local committee.

I never felt taken so much out of my comfort zone like during that role. Managing teams, managing risks, managing budget, managing projects, managing myself…it was a lot!

However, I learned how to represent and be the face of the organization in the local committee. It meant that I had to talk more with institutions, customers, and overall a wider audience.

Since this was the highest role I could achieve in the local committee, once my one year term finished, I applied to be part of the national team of AIESEC in Romania.

I got selected for the role for external relations. What did that mean? I was now in charge of the image of the organization in the media, and other public events and platforms. But it also pushed me to coordinate events, improve my communication skills, and overall know how to manage a sales funnel, and build strategic partnerships.

My last role in AIESEC, the one as organizational development responsible, gave me the opportunity to increase my coordination skills. I learned how to choose the right focus, to be more empathetic, and to motivate people to do the same.

It has been an impactful journey. And, as we know it, all good things come to an end. After my last role in AIESEC, I had to find a new adventure. I achieved everything I wanted to achieve in AIESEC, and now it was time for me to put into practice what I have learned during my volunteering days in AIESEC.

Since one of the opportunities the organization offered me were international internships, I decided to take a look at what roles are currently available.

I came across the role as a commercial executive support, at Microsoft. The job description felt like it was made for my skill set, which is why I gave it a try.

My Microsoft journey

My interview with Microsoft deserves a whole story.

After passing the first interview with them, they gave me a task as part of my further testing.

It was a task I worked on with a lot of effort, because I wanted them to see that I am the right person for this role.


When the day of the interview came, I logged in the call on time, greeted them and then…my laptop crashed. It shut down and I didn’t manage to turn it back on.

I was lucky enough to be offered another laptop by my roommate. Yet, all my hard work was on my crashed laptop.

But, if there’s anything I learned in AIESEC, then it has to be how to act solution oriented in times of crisis. With calmness, I continued with the interview and did my best to explain to the manager what I had managed to pull together for the task. It was in such detail that they didn’t feel the missing presentation.

I believe this moment contributed to them choosing me over all the hundred other applicants they had. 

Other things I believe were in my favor were my over 5 year long experience in an international environment. In AIESEC, it’s all about cross-cultural interactions. In Microsoft, we interact with clients and colleagues from all around the world. Therefore, it is important to have some understanding of different workstyles and communication.

Another strong point I could offer thanks to my AIESEC journey, is my organizational skills,  coordinating teams, events, and projects. 

After my selection to Microsoft I moved to Brussels, Belgium.

My current journey

My role in Microsoft is almost at the end. But, I am looking forward to what the future brings. If someone would have told me a few years ago, that I would be living and working in Belgium and for Microsoft, I would have asked them to stop joking. 

In Microsoft I could see a lot of behaviors similar to the behaviors we had in AIESEC. The company is strongly encouraging us to learn by doing, and if we make small mistakes, it’s ok, as long as we see them as an opportunity for growth. 

Looking back, it was the journey I always dreamed about. Even if challenges existed at every corner. But, I believe that it’s the challenges that made me learn more and faster.

I am now confident that my future experience job seeking will be easier, thanks to the skills and experiences I gathered in AIESEC and Microsoft. 

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