What can you do with a Business Administration degree?

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Business Administration is as evergreen as Tropical Forests.

Political administrations come and go, fashion and lifestyle changes, the latest technology invention becomes outdated in about two months. But, there’s always one thing will likely be around: Business.

Every business could use leaders with the right kind of education and training. That’s where a business administration degree shows it’s significance.

For instance: Private Hospitals- Business, Private schools- Business, Event Management Company- Business, Tech Building company- Business. Mostly everything is business.

You may have interest in a specific industry or be unsure about what exactly you want to do? Either way, earning a business administration degree may prepare leaders and managers for tomorrow. Therefore, it opens the door to a large number of career possibilities.


Here is a small sample of careers to where this degree may take you:

  1. Accountants

Private businesses across all industries need accountants, Besides that, hospitals, schools, and nonprofit organizations also need accountants.

In fact, some accountants also open up their own business as contractors and consultants.


  1. Advertising Executive

You work on the creation of certain events and things to generate interest in a product or service. Therefore, the brand depends mostly on you.

Besides, you will be working with art directors, sales agents and financial staff on contracts. Selection of products to be advertised and advertising media for promotions also depends on you. Imagine making so many contacts through it?


  1. CEO

CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer. Yes! with a Business Administration degree, you have huge chances to be among the Executive Board. ISn’t that so cool? 😁

You devise a “Big picture” strategies and policies to drive any organization.


  1. Market Research Analyst

Being a market research analyst also requires software and data analytics skills.

Using these tools you monitor and forecast sales trends, measure the effectiveness of marketing programs, and analyze relevant data and explain the results to management.


Moreover, with a Business Administration degree, you can focus on many more sectors like Public Relations, Human Resources, Finance, Customer Relationship Management, Logistics, and Supply chain, Business Development etc.

A business administration certification may prove to be a valuable first step if you want a career with the opportunity to be directly involved with top-level strategies and policy decisions.

We at AIESEC, have many many Startups, that may help you in giving more insights into what a Business Administration is about. Working at startups always helps in gaining a better experience as you work towards an emerging organization.

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