3 strategies for implementing HR innovation

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Having a functioning HR department is the backbone of every company. And it, as everything in time, faces changes and innovations. These innovations have the possibility to change the way your employees see work and give them new energy; you just need to do it right. Let’s take a look at the 3 strategies for implementing HR innovation in your organization.

1. Culture of innovation

One way to implement HR innovation is to change your company culture around innovation. By making innovation a core part of your business, you can more effectively implement and encourage new ideas.

There are many things you can do to create this culture of innovation. Encourage innovation in areas that can sometimes be overlooked, such as the product or the business model. Give your employees the tools that foster innovation, and don’t blame them for visible errors. Make the next steps clear and make sure they know who to contact with their new ideas. By setting up a clear procedure you support your employees’ own innovation implementation.

One way to increase innovation is to increase diversity in your organization. Check out AIESEC’s partnership portal to find out how you can hire innovative international talents for your company!

2. Corporate social responsibility

The 2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study says a lot about corporate social responsibility. According to it, 79% would be more loyal to a company with a purpose. So how does this relate to HR?

By having a strategy for corporate social responsibility in place, you can directly affect how your employees work and feel. Set aside a charity your employees can contribute through their work. Encourage volunteering by giving employees a few paid days to volunteer for causes they feel important.

3. Seek new technologies

Technology is already changing the way we work, and HR should be no different. By being constantly on the lookout for new and innovative pieces of technology and software, you can ensure your HR department is up to the task. Just keep in mind that having too much technology can backfire rather quickly.

For example, gamification is an innovation that has gained quite a lot of attention around the world. Through gamification, you can transform your business goals and work into a fun and exciting game. Add leaderboards, trophies, points, and rewards to deepen the game-like experience.

Final word

Having strategies for implementing HR innovation is not rocket science. However, those strategies can have a huge impact on your company. Invest in innovative culture, social responsibility, and new technologies –  these can be game-changers for your company’s HR. 


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