How to find the people that fit your corporate culture

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In past blog posts, we have discussed how to determine if your employees are the right fit in the interview. However, the hiring process starts with finding interested candidates. How can you make sure you are finding and attracting the candidates who are most likely to thrive in your corporate culture?

  1. Improve the job descriptions

Job listings are the first touchpoint job candidates will usually have with your organization. Use it wisely. There are multiple steps to make sure your job listing stands out from the crowd. However, in order to find the candidates who will thrive in your work environment, you need to make sure the candidate receives relevant information as soon as possible. So share your corporate values, employee development programs, workflow or any relevant information that can help candidates assess their own fit. However, do not overwhelm them with too much information and stick to what is needed.

  1. Find allies to expand your talent pool

Struggling with finding candidates who fit your corporate culture in your talent pool? Align yourself with organizations that strive to develop the type of employees you are looking for. For example, AIESEC is an organization that specializes in developing leadership in young people. Therefore AIESEC can help you find solution oriented world citizens who strive for excellence in any opportunity given to them. Learn more about how AIESEC can help you find the talent that will thrive in your organization here.

  1. Team dynamics

If you are hiring new people to fit an existing team, a good way to judge how the new hire would fit into the team culture is by involving key staff in the hiring process. Whether during a tour of the office, a lunch with the team or another kind of informal meeting between the candidate and staff can give you clues as to how they would fit into your corporate culture. However, this method is effective only once you have narrowed down your candidate pool to the top picks.

Corporate culture may seem like an abstract goal at times. However, there are clear steps that you and your organization can take to make sure you are attracting the candidates who will thrive in their positions. After all, engagement is the key to a productive employee!


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