The value of international work experience.

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In this era, the job market has become highly competitive. With the increase of the standards of education, talent pool and the skills set, enterprises look for the unique individuals with CVs that stand out.

While bachelors and masters degrees have become common qualifications, managers look for individuals with extraordinary job experience.
A qualification that can make anybody stand apart from the rest is international work experience.

Here’s four reasons why should you work abroad:

01. It’s a totally different environment

If you were to join a company, you would join people who have had the same education as you and individuals who have the same experiences as you.
For example, if one is to join an IT company, most of those who work there would have an IT education. Despite coming from different universities, more than 90% of them would be from the same country.
But if you were to go abroad, everybody would have the same IT experience would be from different countries.

02. To activate the leader in you

Though you and your colleagues have had the same education since you are from a different country, your education would have been different.
Therefore, this is an opportunity to teach them and share your knowledge.
Your knowledge would be different from them therefore, this environment would help you to bring our the differences and teach different techniques.

You would thrive in this work environment as your employer’s would see you as a teacher and a guide.
This would motivate you to take on more leadership positions and teach your colleagues different techniques.
Thus, working abroad would activate the leader in you.

03. Learn to adapt to new management

“Where there is an opportunity to teach, there is an opportunity to learn.”
Not only would you be learning new cultures, languages and lifestyles, you would learn about management and structures of a different country.
In contrast to staying in the same management style of one’s home country, working abroad would make one to learn new management models and structures.
Not all countries are the same. Workplaces of the same company in different countries have adapted to the culture and lifestyles of that people. Working abroad would help one to adapt and work in a whole new work environment.

04. To work along with different people

Working abroad means working with individuals of different personalities.
You would come across people who have completely different attitudes to you.
Yet, by working together you would learn the way they cope with problems and see the world through their eyes.
Furthermore, this would help you to not only work with different people, but also to understand the differences and accept them.

Thus, international work experience makes you to strive in a completely different environment from your home environment. You will face challenges that you would not have faced if you were in your home country. You would also learn how to solve problems that you would not have had. Thus, this experience would make you a strong and competent individual.
The value of international professional experience adds individual character traits that degrees cannot afford you. Therefore, when job hunting, the one who has an international job experiences as this, will set them apart from the rest.

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