Why I Chose To Do An Internship With AIESEC

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Curious to see what an exchange experience is actually about? What adventures expect you when you decide to step outside of your comfort zone? If yes, check out the story of Es Lujane, of and find out more about her internship with AIESEC in the Netherlands!

When I was in my final year at university I didn’t know what I should do next, nor how to chose the direction to move in. However, I knew what I didn’t want to do, which is to follow the same career path all my peers were taking. I wanted to do something different and to be part of something bigger. I wanted to explore new options, worlds, and opportunities.

I accidently found out about AIESEC and I took the initiative to research it further. I respected its supportive community which provides aid to various charity organizations all over the world in order to effectively realize the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. I also admired AIESEC’s strive towards creating tomorrow’s leaders.

The main reason I choose to do an internship with them is the variety of options given through the program. As I navigated through the website’s portal I found all kinds of internship opportunities offered by a diverse range of organizations which differ in size, specialty, goal and location. The website’s portal allowed me to filter the opportunities based on which continent, country and/or even city. This allowed me to access internships offered at my desired locations. Personally, I was keen on choosing a country which spoke a Germanic language because I speak fluent English and German.

What has AIESEC brought me?

AIESEC opened the door for me to be part of its welcoming and supportive community in Tilburg (Netherlands) and the world, as well as its partnerships with global organizations, its missions, and its goals of creating tomorrow’s leaders. I became a leader by initially leading myself towards developing the courage needed to take on one of its opportunities. My journey began that moment and the lessons I have learned (and I am still learning) shall always be part of me.


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    I think It’s great opportunities to develop the multi skill .

  2. Hamza Tufail
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    Also it is amazing.

  3. Mohamed Ham
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    it’s so fruitful

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