Recruitment… from a millennial’s perspective

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I write these lines based on an experience I have recently been through: a corporate was seeking for candidates with great communication skills, however, it lacked effective communication with talents, candidates, and even internally between its employees. HR has gone through some major shifts in the past few years with the adoption of new technologies and communication platforms, raising the expectations of the candidates, especially millennials, as they look for a smooth and efficient process, and I was not an exception.

As with any relationship, consistent and reliable communication is required between the two sides, the recruiter and the candidate in this case. Bullhorn recently asked more than 1,300 recruiting industry professionals what makes a successful recruiter. The top five traits were all related to correspondence, those were: persistence, the ability to listen, tenacity, the ability to follow-up, and communication, yes, communication!

Also, a research done by software Advice found that the top complaints candidates have about the recruitment process are:

  1. An extremely long application
  2. No confirmation email
  3. A long hiring process
  4. Inability to contact a recruiter
  5. No notice when the position is filled

There we could see that 3 of the 5 complaints are about communication, again.

The speed of follow-up is also important, companies usually hire recruiting firms out of a need to fill positions as soon as possible, and people looking for new opportunities can write a dozen of applications in a short time. Slow communication can result in losing the best fits for positions, using technology and AI can change the game.

In the end, we should keep in mind that the recruiter is often the first touchpoint of anyone with the company, the ambassador of the company’s brand, and its interface. How your candidates view the hiring process can make all the difference. Fasten your process, make it as efficient and effective as possible, and view things through the applicants’ eyes. Create a communication strategy that results in a fruitful recruitment. Check how you can optimize your hiring process, centralize your activities, and find the best talents for your opportunity here.


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