Are you stuck to the same old ways of recruitment? Here are 5 new trends in hiring

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As technology becomes essential to run any kind of business and as Artificial Intelligence becomes widely considered, companies have started to feel the need to hire proficient personnel and change the way they recruit. This has made it more challenging for you, HR specialists, to create a checklist for success when hiring employees and to familiarize yourself with the key trends below:

  1. Technology and AI are changing the game

As social channels evolve, live video chats and rapid two-way engagement is almost an expectation. Combining a rich content experience with immediate responsiveness can result into a recipe that cannot fail, you will have faster inductions, group interviews and easier information sessions. To achieve that, consider using a chatbot. Utilizing a polite, brand-aligned and AI-powered voice to manage candidate interactions can work well. The better you manage automated conversations, the more time you will have to actually assess the potential candidates. Being a recruiter is not about updating low-level data but talent management.

  1. Data is the new superpower

According to LinkedIn, 50% of talent professionals and hiring managers say that data is the top trend impacting how they hire.

Talent acquisition has always been a people-oriented profession. But nowadays numbers matter, too. Research shows that most recruiters and hiring managers utilize data in their work now and more of them are likely to use it in the next couple of years.

  1. Positive Candidate Experience

Job seekers find it frustrating when the shared job description is not clear or when there is not enough feedback from the company about the status of their applications.

A positive candidate experience is essential for good employer branding. When candidates find your hiring process smooth and efficient, they are more likely to accept your job offers and tell others about the positive experience they have been through, even if they do not end up working for your company.

  1. The changing workforces are creating new challenges

As technology evolves, the number of freelance opportunities and remote jobs is increasing in the market. Some job ads, for remote employees for example, might require higher click-through-rates to better meet the higher interest levels among candidates. This implies that certain recruitment strategies will require different approaches to be implemented.

  1. The increasing focus on diversity in hiring

Bringing global mindsets to your company has a lot of benefits, it adds a selection of different talents, experiences, skills, backgrounds, and even languages. That opens doors to innovation and benefits the performance of the company.


These trends are expected to impact the way organizations source talents around the world. Now it’s time to change, create a recruitment strategy that enables you to find the best candidates. Check how you can optimize your hiring process, centralize your activities, and find the best talents for your opportunity here.


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