What’s an ideal job? When happiness gets replaced with meaning.

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By the age of fourteen, I was made to search for my first employer. It was part of the German curriculum that in high school I realize a one-week internship. For that purpose, we were trained to create a CV. … Read More

Learnability – the must-have characteristic of the future

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As the technology keeps changing the world, what will soon define our success in our careers is not the things we know, but our ability to learn the new. The term learnability is usually associated with software or operating systems, … Read More

Oversimplifying or overcomplicating. What do you prefer?

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How do you summarize six years of experience in AIESEC into one blog post? You don’t. In my six years in AIESEC, I have traveled to 15 countries and interacted with people from 70+ nationalities. I’ve worked with six different teams … Read More

The Battle for Nature

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Living in a world full of available resources has been an advantage to all of us. The advantage though has been manhandled in many evident ways. Fear of loss of natural resources is building up day by day and thus, … Read More

Why should you include experiential learning opportunities in your curriculum?

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I joined AIESEC in the beginning of my second bachelor studies. After my first degree, I did not feel that I had developed the competencies needed in the working life, so I decided to change to a more practical university. … Read More

What I’ve learned trying to make the world a better place

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For the last seven years, I worked in the world’s largest youth-led organization. Started my journey in the local office in my city in Medellin, Colombia, and went all the way to the global office. Currently, I am in charge … Read More

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