Hiring for 2020: When, how and what?

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As we approach the new decade, we can look back at the past and see how far we have come. Humankind has changed the world: a lot has changed in the past 20, 10, even 5 years. The same goes for the workplace. Essential tools used daily in the workplace, like email, Slack and file-sharing platforms like Google Drive, didn’t exist too long ago. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that the tools we will be using daily in our workplace 5 years from now don’t exist yet.

In this blog, we have talked about how the recruitment market is changing as well as how the new era of corporate learning is affecting the workplace. With the 2020’s fast approaching it is more important than ever to prepare and adapt to the changes to come. How can you and your company prepare for the upcoming decade?


2020 is less than a year and a half away. Crazy, isn’t it? However, 1,5 years pass in a blink of an eye when filled with quarterly reports, weekly meetings and the daily grind at work. To start planning tomorrow and start implementing next week is too late. It is important to act today.


Any good change happens with good change management. Organizational change is a long and often painstaking process, all of which needs to be done consciously. We have discussed earlier on this blog how change management can be implemented in the hiring process. Implementing change management methodology in your organization will make the change smoother and help your organization become leaner.


What concrete actions can your organization take to keep up with the times? How can your company make sure that you have the people you need for 2020? One thing you can do to hire for 2020 is to build up an internship program.

As the workforce ages, it is important to embrace the new generation. Developing an internship program for your organization lets you find and develop young talent yourself. A sign of a successful internship program is that interns transition into full-time roles after their internship, thus creating a talent pipeline for the upcoming decade.

Organizations specialized in recruiting top young talent, like AIESEC, can help you in creating the infrastructure for your internship program as well as finding the interns themselves.

In conclusion, whether through implementing change management methodology to shake up how your organization operates or developing a talent pipeline through internship programs one thing is certain: to hire for 2020 we must act now or risk lagging behind the curb.


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