The recruiting industry is growing and evolving, and in order to set yourself apart from the competition for top talent, it is essential to anticipate and adopt the latest recruiting trends. Fortunately, the trends making their way to the recruitment industry are much more practical than how the processes were before. Below there is a list of trends that are changing the job market.

  1.      Using social media more than a work resume

Social professional networks, like LinkedIn, have changed the way in which professionals of every age interact and find jobs. They have also transformed the way recruiters find quality talent. According to LinkedIn’s 2015 Global Recruiting Trends report, quality of hire is the most valuable hiring metric, followed by time to fill. This report also revealed that social professional networks are the best bet of recruiters in finding high quality talent. In fact, these networks are currently the fastest growing source of quality hires globally, increasing 73 percent over the past 4 years. With sites like LinkedIn, job seekers can leverage their network in search of new opportunities, and recruiters can better find and connect with talent. As more companies begin to switch out the traditional, one-page resume for an updated online version, it will become essential for recruiters to use these sites while searching for and placing great talent.

  1.      Using targeted advertising

One recent innovation in online recruitment is the use of syndicated display advertising technologies (on-line media) to boost job postings for new job candidates. “Behavioral target networks use cookie-based targeting to look at behaviors that demonstrate an interest in a particular career,” says Joran Lawrence, senior product manager for Monster Career Ad Network. “Our customers want to address a select audience,” says Lawrence. The ad is presented to relevant seekers on whatever website they are on.” This targeted advertising extends the reach of the job posting and can lure candidates who are not actively looking for an open position on a job board. Rather than investing substantial time and money to plan an advertising campaign, design ads, and buy media, the employer simply signs up to have the targeted ad generated from their job opening.

  1.      Using other methods for content

Nowadays, video technology is going viral within the recruitment industry as most people respond better to visual communication. Kathryn Minshew in her book, The New Rules of Work says that employers should experiment with content formats for storytelling and advocate it as a practice.  Moreover, video screening of candidates, for instance, is replacing the outdated phone screen, largely because people can watch multiple video interviews in the time it takes to perform just one phone screen. In addition to video interviews, video job descriptions and postings, videos for employer branding, and video resumes are all great tools for appealing to job seekers and clients.

These emerging trends, within the recruitment industry, can help recruiters find and attract quality talent, build a solid talent pool of job candidates, and stay one step ahead of the competition, with innovative recruiting tools and strategies.


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