The new era of corporate learning

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Probably one of the most important aspects employees look for is professional development. Corporate learning means learning new skills and improving existing ones keeps your employees up-to-date and adaptable. This maintains the agility of your company, so simply put: education is a must in your company. Employee training has evolved a long way over the years, so let’s take a look at what the new era of corporate learning can mean for your company.

Technology in corporate learning

Virtual reality (VR) has seen a massive development in the past 10 years, and companies are starting to pick it up too. VR allows your employees to train for their job effectively and safely. Even emergency situations can be simulated, with no real-life consequences. This is a huge benefit that VR allows.

The use of mobile applications is widespread – there’s practically an app for anything! Companies have noticed this and started to implement mobile learning for their employees. Apps allow learning anywhere anytime, and different gamification techniques encourage learning. As a result, we can expect mobile learning to become more popular, as it offers an easy yet effective way of acquiring new knowledge.

Personalized learning

Giving your employees the knowledge they need is crucial for performance. This issue is tackled by personalized learning. In other words, an employee’s learning is tailored based on their needs, learning style or even interests. By putting your employees at the center of learning you contribute to their individual development. You see better retention rates and consequently increased general success.

Through personally customized learning you give your employees only the information they need. Therefore, they are not confused with irrelevant data, which leads to increased productivity. Furthermore, it sends the employees the message that you listen to them. This aspect is important for increased employee engagement and overall satisfaction.

Culture of learning

Creating a workplace culture has been a popular trend lately, and a learning culture can be a part of that. Creating this culture of learning allows you to better develop your employees and adapt to changing market conditions. In addition, 60% of employees would rather stay with an employer who invests in their development. Therefore, a learning culture also contributes to employee retention.

AIESEC promotes constant development and personal growth as a part of its learning culture. Check out our partnership portal today to be a part of the learning journey of thousands of global young people!

In order to create a culture of learning, start with yourself and your superiors. Make them aware of the need for a learning culture. Change the way you talk about learning, and use different kinds of tools. In everything you do, emphasize the value of learning. What can you do to embrace learning and make it a part of your corporate culture?

Final word

Corporate learning is an integral part of your organization’s success. By integrating learning as a core part of your strategy you can support your employees’ professional (and personal) growth. This, in turn, leads to increased performance. Corporate learning has come to stay, and the most successful businesses out there have already embraced it.

So, what will you do to give your employees the learning opportunities they need now and in the future?


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