6 steps to ikigai and beyond

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Recently I learnt about a Japanese concept- ikigai, which roughly translates to “the reason for being“. This concept assists one in finding their passion and in discovering which career would best suit them.
After the passion has been discovered one wonders how they are to optimize themselves to reach that goal.

Here are 06 steps to reach that goal.

1. Find your purpose

What do you want to achieve? Why do you want to achieve it

Whether it is to change the world by working with children or planting a rainforest find your ‘why’. 

Once you find your why and what, write it down. Make sure you have a clear purpose because this is the purpose that is going to drive you to face each challenge. This is the purpose that you could build your career and life on.

2. Make a plan

When do you want to achieve what you want to achieve?

While this plan has to be feasible and achievable don’t forget to aim high. If you aim for the stars then you can reach the head of the coconut tree. 

There are two plans that you could make

A. Long term plan

This is the plan that you make to achieve the long term goal of yours. For example if one is to be an engineer she cannot become an engineer tomorrow, instead she has to study and follow a certain course of events to achieve that end product.

In the same manner draw a timeline for the line of action that you have to follow to attain that end result. 

Whether it’s a five year plan or a fifty year plan.

B. Short term plan

The short term are plans to reach your long term goals. If one has a one year long term plan then they could have a monthly plan or a weekly plan. 

This breakdown will help one in identifying how they can keep working towards reach that end goal.

While this does require micro managing one’s life it is important to realize that plans are almost certainly going to fail, but having a plan does make sure that one knows where they fail and thereby can compensate for their fallbacks.

Thus, the plan solidifies the purpose.

3. Take on responsibilities

Every opportunity is a path to success.

While one should be mindful in choosing each opportunity, they should remember that the human body is made to survive stressful environments. Therefore, one should take on as much responsibilities and opportunities that they can. Each regretted opportunity represents a opportunity that you can’t get. So say yes to every opportunity and take on every responsibility that you can.

Belief in oneself can take you a long way. So believe in yourself and be confident in every position you take on.

4. When you fail

Failure is a part of growth.

You are not aiming high enough if you are not failing. When you fail because you will fail, look back on your purpose. Go back to that purpose that you wrote down and meditate on how much you want it.

The world is going to criticize you, don’t dismiss their arguments as nil. Instead, use the criticisms to grow. A growth mindset is said to make you achieve the greater positions. Listen to the critics and change yourself accordingly.

5. Stay humble

Don’t let it get to you. Keep aiming higher.

When you get back on track you would achieve what you set out to do, and when you do so stay humble. Don’t let the praises of humans set you over the others, instead let it be a phrase for you to remember that you were once a child who had a dream.

The hard work will pay off and when it does remember to keep your feet planted on the ground.

6. Re-purpose and replan

Learn to adapt with change.

Overtime your realities might change, your situation might change.

Learn to adapt with change. This could mean that you would have to change your plan completely, then don’t give up totally. Instead step back look at the bigger picture and change your plan accordingly.

Sometimes, the plan you planned may not  come to existence, this is not a sign for you to give up. As disappointing and frustrating it is keep working hard, re-purpose re plan. The Wright brothers kept trying and trying and did not let failure define them. In the same way you should try and try until you fly.


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