6 behaviors of successful leaders

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“Success is more than a desire; it’s a behavior. Act accordingly.”
-Steve Maraboli

Wondering how successful leaders got where they are? Today we share you six behaviors that successful leaders have to achieve their goals:

6 behaviors of successful leaders

1. Study while others sleep


Michael Jordan woke up at 3 a.m. to practice his shots. Mozart composed music, slept and continue composing music. Successful leaders understand that all of us have a determined amount of time in our lives to achieve our dreams. Instead of spending more than the necessary time on bed, successful leaders decide to invest it on those activities that get them closer to their goals.

2. Persist when others give up


Toyota did not hired Soichiro Honda as engineer because they could not see capability on him. By his own he started making motorbikes… today Honda is one of the most important vehicle companies. Even when things get hard and you are about to give up… keep going.  Know that hard moments are only here to pass and sooner you will be where you want to be if you keep pushing your limits.

3. Save and invest while others spend


Carlos Slim started saving since a kid by getting a debit card. At age 12 he began buying shares of the national bank of Mexico. Today he is one of the 10 richest people in the world. This does not only refer to money but as well about time. Identify those things that distract you from your dream and invest on those that help you approach your target.

4. Work while others dream


J.K. Rowling was dependant of social security until the moment she published her first book: Harry Potter. Today she is one of the most recognized writers. It is not only a matter to have the idea or the dream but to bring it to action. If you already know what is it you aspire… go for it.

5. Keep going when others criticize


Fred Smith presented his business plan to his middle school teacher who told him that it was humanly impossible to make it happen. He decided to continue and created FedEx. There will always be diverse opinions when you work on the construction of your dreams. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and stop listening to the noise.

6. Decide while others think


Opportunities arrive in different ways and only those who are brave enough to take the risk will get the prize of it. The speed at which our society moves requires individuals with the capability to take decisions and assume risks. If you are thinking to open that business, run that marathon, talk to that “someone”, learn a new language, make that trip… time is ticking as you keep thinking.

Even when these behaviors are no secret and so simple, not many people have them. Acting according to what we desire for ourselves has been the key that leaders has used to achieve incredible

Which are those behaviors you would like to change in your life?

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