After the breaking point

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“Push yourself to the edge of your limits. That’s how they expand.”
Robin S. Sharma

All of us have reached that moment when we just want to quit. Our body, mind or spirit tell us to stop and most of the times…we stop. But what happens if we keep pushing beyond the breaking point? What if we do not give up?

Four realizations that happen beyond the breaking point:

1. You push your limits

Breaking point limits

Many times we believe we have reached our limits and that we cannot give that extra mile. The moment you keep going beyond the breaking point you are creating a new standard. You discover that you are capable of much more and push yourself to go further.

2. You discover how brave you are

Be brave

Most of us might not identify bravery as part of who we are…but we are. It is an act of bravery to overcome what we thought we could not do. Realizing how brave we are despite the odds gives motivation to keep going.

3. You identify what is really telling you to stop

Listen to yourself

We are capable to identify specifically what is telling us to stop: body, mind or spirit. Like when we exercise and our mind tell us to stop and our body seems to still be able to keep going. We give up more often than we think due to the wrong reason.

4. You focus on your goals


When you have given everything you have and you feel out of energy and exhausted. An incredible feeling of realization comes to you. You are determined to achieve your goals and thus they become priority.

The most satisfying sensation is to know you did it. You ran that extra mile despite your voices that told you to stop. Runners usually say that the last mile is ran with the mind.  All of us can always push further, all we need is self-motivation and visualize our goals.

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