Stairway to Solution Orientation

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Nowadays, where problems are rising every day and with society becoming more complex and interconnected, millennials are called to face this as they enter society and the labor market. Being solution oriented is a skill required to survive and raise above the medium to succeed in your life. So we must see the stairs walk up through them together.

Stair 1. It all starts with the attitude

Attitude and psychology can influence you a lot in how you react to problems and face challenges in your everyday life. It is not something born with but obtained out of hard work and healthy routine. Every day you wake up tell yourself how grateful you are for what you have. This gives you a sense of inner peace and happiness for your life. Work out just for 10 minutes to wake your body and stretch. Stretch as much as you can when you wake up. Open your arms and stretch your chest. This movement gives your body the message of openness and success and influences your subconscious. One other thing that helps me is to look myself in the mirror when I go to brush my teeth and say “Whatever my mind can conceive, it can achieve.” . This gives me the attitude that I can do whatever I set my mind to and a sense of positivity. When problems arise it keeps me positive and out of instant shock.

Stair 2. Focus and analyze when the storm approaches

When the problem strikes, don’t panic and certainly don’t start screaming. Sit down, take a deep breath, try to disconnect from it for a while to relax and come back. With clear mind and extremely focused try to see what happened. Analyze the situation. What went wrong? Why did it happen? Who was involved? How are the dots connected? How can you face it? What are the three steps you have to do first to get out of the tricky situation and start improving and solving it. Analysis is the fundamental of any solution to a challenge.

Stair 3. Let creativity flow all over the place

We are used to boundaries and conditional thinking, but when unconventional ways of doing thing arise and technology makes the impossible possible today we need to rise up to the occasion. Think outside of the box. Be creative. When confronted with a challenge, we should seek the road less traveled, the solution that no one else thought of. This mainly happens because if we let our minds think of different ways we train ourselves to find in the future easier solutions to problems and be able to make our lives easier because new ways make our lives easier and sometimes simples. Try to find the best and simplest way to deal with problems using your creative part.

There you are! Now 3 stairs higher to the solution oriented lifestyle. It is not hard to adopt it but it takes determination and willingness to do so. Practice these and when you master them seek for the next steps to reach even higher.

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