Right people, right time, right skills

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The biggest achievement for recruiters in this current talent management climate is to get the right people to fill in the right positions with the right skills at the right time. It may seem like it is an easy task, however, any recruiter knows it is a tedious job. Hopefully, these points will assist you in making sure you get all 3 right and make your work much easier or to make sure you know what to look out for. Let’s take a look at the first one, the right people.

  • Right people

Getting the right people involves looking into the intention of the applicant applying to that particular position which is open. Cover letters are always the best place to find out the reasons why someone is applying to the position. When you receive the cover letters, make sure to read them carefully.

Try to understand the perspective of the applicant in order to conclude their reasons for applying. In addition, try to weed out the people-pleasers and those who are just trying to sell themselves by checking the ‘language’ they use. Usually they use shallow terms that may seem extraordinary. In addition, try to find out how they as an individual can contribute to not only the position but to the business as a whole.

  • Right time

Again, this is a tough decision to make as most recruiters think that the only criteria for when to recruit new staff is when the old ones leave. One way to know when to hire new staff is when you realize that you are turning down work. This means you are at an optimal employment rate but there is still a lot of work to be done. In such cases it means that the business is growing and you need to invest in more human resources. This investment will help in increasing your income in your company.

Another sign to know when to recruit new staff is when you realize a new revenue stream. Whenever you realize that you will be able to get more money somewhere and you are not having enough employees to take advantage of this, it means it’s the moment to hire. Lastly, if you are receiving numerous complaints, it’s a major sign that you must hire some talent. The biggest probability is that you, as an organization, are unable to handle the workload the customers are providing. Therefore investing in new hire(s) will assist in balancing the pressure off of the current employees.

  • Right skills

When it comes to skills, the hardest to find out from a CV are the soft skills. These include communication, team working, leadership etc. The best way to figure out if the candidate has the right skills is through the interview. Here you are face-to-face and are able to get quick responses from the candidate. The best way to find out the soft skills needed is by asking the candidate real-life examples and situations and ask how they would react in those certain situations. Their reactions and answers will inform you about the skills they have.

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