Can mobility be a solution for youth unemployment?

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Youth unemployment is an issue in most parts of the world, often at higher rates than average unemployment. At the same time, employers are having difficulties filling their junior level positions. Education is failing to keep up with the development of the labor market, leaving youth unprepared for the needs of employers. The Youth Global Employability Report tries to find the reasons behind these phenomena, seeking solutions to better prepare youth for the jobs of the future.

As AIESEC, we concentrate on developing leadership by providing opportunities for young people to work and volunteer abroad. We believe that by living and working in a foreign environment, a young person develops essential skills for employment. Therefore, we are keen on examining the link between youth mobility and youth employability as seen by employers. Interestingly enough, according to the survey results gathered for this report, the skills developed during a young person’s time abroad are also the skills most sought after by employers. Additionally, this survey also indicates that global opportunities can be seen as a fast track for many of the soft skills needed in the working life. Thus, we believe more young people should have the access to these opportunities.

Employers are also largely unsatisfied with the preparation provided by educators. The report sees that there are two sides to the problem: educators are failing to equip youth for the future and employers are unable to find qualified talent. To solve these two, more cooperation between employers and educators is needed. Educators need to understand the requirements of the job market to support the youth not just to finish their studies, but to find jobs after graduation.

The report’s primary goal is to see if there is a link between youth mobility and youth employability. Moreover, this report seeks out to find answers to understand the needs of companies in regards to international employment, the gaps within current education systems, and the ways in which employers are engaging youth. The results are presented in this report and may work as a guide to anyone working with young people be it educators, employers, or policy makers; but also for the youth to understand what is expected from them.

We welcome you to read about our findings and encourage you to take part in the conversation around youth employment and youth mobility.


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