Your marathon, your hustle

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We are already beginning the third month of the year. Lots of stuff to do huh? Looks like a marathon, hopefully not everything has worked out for you…

It’s been a rough start but you can work it out. “If not you, who?”, right?

As we said it earlier, it won’t be an easy race but in order to run at top speed, you need to get prepared.

But don’t get fooled, life’s not a sprint. It is a marathon, and the top skill to conquer this kind of race is endurance.

It doesn’t matter how far the finishing line appears to be, you don’t want to end your marathon without reaching it.

It’s not about not giving up. It’s about always driving yourself for excellence. Pushing yourself to be present and accountable to your marathon.

finish your marathon

Why should you get to the finish line? Not a valid question up to this point but…

Apart from reaching your goal, you’ll develop a better version of yourself while beating all those “I can’t”s.

The less “I can’t”s you bring to the table, the more solutions you will have available. No excuses.

Without excuses you get more actions and with more actions you get closer to finish your marathon.

Remember that although your race it’s not always about you. Not every marathon you run only benefits you. Just remember all those times when you were the one who put the effort but the spoils were for somebody else.

However you get to choose your battles, you won’t like it if your doing somebody else’s run for them.

Now it’s time to put on those running shoes. If you don’t have a pair of those it’s ok because it’s about getting started, to warm up.

The workout is your every day, and every inch all the small (and not so small) wins and disappointments in your way. Never stop the hustle.


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