Be yourself, No matter what they say!

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Have you ever wondered if you are being the real you or if you are just living up to other people’s expectations of yourself?


There are certain things we will always have doubts about, and no matter how self-confident we are, there is always some concern about ourselves not being enough.

In the end, you don’t have anything to prove to others. No one is actually keeping a tab on how you behave and what you achieve but (maybe) you. So relax and stop judging yourself for not meeting others’ expectations as long as you meet yours.

Self-confidence is something you build, not something you are inherently born with. Accepting yourself and living that way is the perfect way boost to it. You will spend less time caring about what people say about you.

This is also how you’ll be able to express your uniqueness. Giving yourself freedom regarding where you want to get and how will not only attract other people to you but inspire them to be themselves. All the criticism will likely come from people who are just too afraid of being their true selves.

Even though there will always be a lot of people similar to you, there can only be one YOU.

And it is only YOU who will drive towards whatever goal you wish to accomplish.

Once you’ve done it, you will also become the total owner of your life. Your decision making will work out almost all the time. Since by being you, you will find your purpose in life, not just follow the path you were told to fulfill.

We all make mistakes, that is true, it’s part of human nature. So when it happens, know it is okay, Don’t blame yourself for doing it and do not overthink it.

Eventually, you’ll grow, since you are now able to identify your true strengths and how they will help you overcome your weaknesses.

Being you is just about living by your standards, but a word of caution is needed: Don’t be arrogant! You are not better than anyone and nobody’s better than you, you are just different and that’s okay.


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