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How global trends are shaping the future of youth employment?

Young people are struggling to find decent work and secure jobs.
The market is shifting, and the new structures may bring an even higher youth unemployment rate compared to the current state (13.1% globally). Mostly affecting Arabic countries, Latin America and the Caribbean. Young people are often informally employed, and / or do not earn enough to lift themselves out of poverty.

The time of transition from school to work depends on the jobseekers’ qualifications. For young people who work besides their studies, or find a great internship, the transition may require no time at all. They normally get a full time contract right after finishing their studies.

When searching for internship opportunities, it is crucial to keep in mind what future employers would be looking for. Machines and technology have yet to replace workers in many sectors; and these sectors tend to absorb most of the young workforce. For example, finances, trade and logistics, information and communications…

These are jobs that require highly developed soft skills, such as problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. But this knowledge can’t be taught, it must be earned through practice!

Market leading companies worldwide are looking for young talents who are not afraid to challenge themselves and think on a global scope. A cross-cultural exchange may provide participants with the previously mentioned skills, as well as functional knowledge, and even language practice.

Opportunities open every day, all across the globe. For most young persons it is now easy to gain valuable experience in their field, even abroad. With these newly attained competences youngsters will be able to find positions in any field, despite the tighter competition and the changing environment.

AIESEC is looking forward to help the youth integrate into the workforce, complete the school-to-work transition faster. As well as helping companies to find skilled and motivated employees with cross-cultural experiences. Shaping what we do around what the world needs, we help to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 8: “Promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.”

*Source: Global Employment Trends for Youth 2017, International Labour Organization


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