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So, you have found your perfect internship in marketing and you are ready to apply – what do you need?
A good CV, of course!

The world of marketing is evolving so fast, trends appear every day, and we keep on coming up with new skills that describe what companies are looking for when hiring someone for these positions.

Here are 3 key skills your CV should include (of course only if you have them!) to show that your knowledge of the field is wide and up-to-date and that you are experienced.

To attain any of these skills fast, opt for a challenging environment and go on a marketing internship abroad – it will open new horizons for you!

1) Content marketing + CMS skills
The fact that you are reading this indicates how important content is.  Among all content, videos are getting the most reach on social media platforms. Naturally, production and editing of these materials became a highly demanded skill.
And what is CMS? It means Content Management System – not as complicated as it may sound. Think WordPress, Drupal and the like. So far it seems easy, right?


2) Data science & visualization
We are bombarded with information every day  – so how can we read between the lines, find the right strategy to use and properly define our target groups? That’s right – through gathering and analyzing all this data!
Sounds less easy? Select from many of the internships AIESEC provides, and master all necessary skills in no time!


3) Customer behavior insights
You must experiment a lot to see how the different groups react to different marketing strategies, conclude and improve accordingly. This definitely takes practice! Even better if it’s with a multinational company; it grants more insight into other markets, target groups in different countries and territories.
But scoring an internship at such a big firm is hard, no? Well, not with AIESEC!
We offer thousands of opportunities with well-known brands from all over the world.


We could go on with the list for pages and pages, and we haven’t even mentioned the importance of soft skills yet…
But the most important to note is that all these skills can not be built entirely from knowledge.
Marketing is best learned by doing – so after your academic background is set, you must choose an internship where you can gain practical knowledge and even broaden your view by challenging yourself in a multinational environment!


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