The reasons why company values really matter

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The topic of organizational culture has been a highly discussed one, mainly regarding its pros and cons. But recently, there has been a significant shift away from the phrase “culture” and more towards “values”. This shift has been for a good reason because culture might be loosely defined while values are more concrete, giving it more weight and actual merits you can build on. But on a grander scale, why is it important to have core values as an organization?


  • Enhances recruitment

First and foremost, having a specific set of values that represent your brand makes it easier for HR to scout potential candidates. Whether your core value is “commitment”, “creativity” or anything else, having it as a front and center in your recruitment process helps to get over some typical HR hurdles.

  • It’s an agent of change

Any organization in the world will need to have a change of direction at some or even multiple points. What organizational values can offer to support this change is give a direction that feels true and authentic to your brand. This is opposite to the negative effect that organizational culture has on change.

  • An effective marketing tool

Similar to the principle of the “why” in the organization, your core values are an effective marketing tool to brand your product in the way you want. Marketing is about driving a customer, and values help you define your behavior, because how can you drive a customers’ behavior if you can’t define yours.

  • Supports your recognition system

Recognition is an important aspect of any successful organization if done right. What values can help you with is provide a well-defined system for recognizing your members, as well as define what kind of rewarding could be done under the umbrella of your values, which gives this system a deeper meaning in the roots of your organization.


In the end, values are what keeps the system, whether in an organization or even on a personal level. Your code of ethics and what it means to you is what carries an individual or an organization through the rough road to success.


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What are your thoughts regarding this topic? As a professional individual, what are some core values that keep you going in the corporate world? Tell us in the comments below.


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