The ABC of Passion

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Why is it so easy to read your favorite books? Why do we love watching movies from our favorite genre? Or doing our favorite sports? Because those are the things we are passionate about. Once you feel passion for something, doing it stops being a chore and begins being a hobby.

Developing and recognizing a passion for certain things is a key to success. For many people it is very difficult to study a lot because they have trouble concentrating or are not that interested. If you develop a passion for it or find a subject that is perfect for you, imagine how much you could achieve! There are certain steps you can take, to attempt to become passionate about certain things.

  1. Be positive

If this something that you maybe don’t enjoy that much at the moment, it will take time to turn it into a passion. Try to always stay positive, even when it’s hard because eventually it will all pay off.

  1. Be brave

What you are about to attempt is not an easy task! You have to be brave, you have to stand strong and push through all the hardships.

  1. Be focused

The time for slacking off has passed! You have to focus on your goal and focus to be able to achieve it.

  1. Be motivated to improve yourself

If you have this mindset of always trying to work on yourself and become a better person, you are already halfway there. Stay motivated and keep that mindset going and there are no limits to what you can achieve.

  1. Persevere

Trying things that are difficult can be hard over time. You might feel like at first, you are succeeding but maybe at some point you will lose interest or excuses will get in the way. Don’t let that happen. Make sure to always think about your goal and just do it! You will be surprised about how amazing it will feel once you actually achieve it.

As donovan Bailey said Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.”

The same applies for helping other people. It’s not always easy to sacrifice time or resources to benefit other people but in the end you are doing it for a good cause. Imagine if you were passionate about making an impact on our planet and contributing to its well-being. Helping others who are less fortunate than us is not just a privilege, it is a responsibility and the sooner you realize that it can also be a passion, the more people will benefit from your skills and the better the state of the world will be in the future. Spread these ideas! Imagine ten people like this, a hundred, a thousand, a million! The impact would be endless.

However, to truly find what you’re passionate about, there’s no better way than trying different things. Trying new things. Getting out of your comfort zone and making new experiences, because you will never know what you really like, before trying it.

So go out there, do what you can and apply this knowledge both for your personal as well as for other people’s benefit!

What are you passionate about?


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