Six Ways of Handling Rejection

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Many times in our lives we face rejection. It is the most common thing, yet we strive hard to deal with it or recover after it. The role we never got, the loved one, the position or the friendship. Rejection is all around us and it is quite natural. Our expectations sometimes don’t match reality or maybe we are not yet ready to receive something. Being more solution oriented we need to face rejection in a better way so here are some ways to deal with rejection better in order to become even more resilient.


1.Tell yourself it will pass.

Talk to yourself during tough times in your life. Help yourself as you would help a friend. You just need to hear some positive words and give yourself time. Time heals everything so it will truly pass.

2.Acknowledge the pain.

Mentally strong people are not afraid to face their emotions. They admit when they are sad, disappointed or angry. Don’t run away from the feelings of rejection. Face them. See why they are produced. Let them teach you what they have to teach you. Don’t hide them, it is not human not to feel, so don’t be embarrassed about them.

3.View Rejection as an evidence that you are pushing the limits.

If you stay in your comfort zone you will never experience rejection. People who try many things get rejected a lot but keep trying because they don’t mind. Rejection can also teach you many things and it shows you that you are getting outside of your own limitations and trying something new.

4.Refuse to let rejection define you.


Rejection is just a temporary state, not a life condition. If you want to truly succeed in life, you will experience many rejections, but it is up to you if you will let them define you or not. When facing such, take it as a lesson you try again and next time you do better.

5.Learn from rejection.

When rejection strikes, take some time for yourself. Try to think why did this happen, how did you react to it, why did you react to it like this and what do you take out of it to improve. Every setback is a new lesson to help you grow and improve. See it as an opportunity more than as an obstacle.

6.Change environment.

Meet new people, travel to other places and experience new things to get your mind out of the problem for a while. Change perspectives and zoom out. See it holistically and talk about it with your new acquaintances. Changing views and environment can help you overcome rejections easier and teach you how to deal with them in the future.


Becoming more solution oriented and learning how to deal with rejection is not something you can achieve overnight. It needs constant practice and determination from your side.

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