How I got rich in just 6 weeks!

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In this day in age there are so many different forms of investment, which can in turn, improve our current state of wealth. Wilson managed to get rich while he was in India, curious as to how he managed it?

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Poor vs. Rich

India is both the poorest and the richest country I have been to.  It is also where my initial definition for these two words was turned around completely.

Poor: What they can give, material wise, is minimal.
Rich: It is not about the things that they can give, rather about how much they share from their hearts.

Despite the possible pickpocketing that one can encounter, India is a country where…

wealth is not measured by money,

but by generosity.

By this definition, I can say that the beggars I encountered on the streets were some of the wealthiest people in the world. They shared their food and loose change with others; something even some of the richest people in the world would hesitate in doing.

I spent 6 weeks as a volunteer in Jaipur, India, at the Disha Foundation working with kids with disabilities. My experience there was truly heartwarming, as the more time I spent with all the children, the more recognisable it became just how unique they all were. At face value, we may call their special needs ‘disabilities’, but I saw each and every child differently. To me, they were gifts to the world and a beautiful individuals with special abilities to inspire and show what persistence and true courage really looks like.

My experience encouraged me to get in touch with myself. I realised how often I take simple things in life for granted. Everyday tasks that I never had to think twice about, were skills which took continuous practice and support for these kids to master. This experience made me deeply appreciate the ‘little things’ more.

Throughout my experience, I started two personal mini projects. One of them was a youtube video through which I aimed to transmit the beauty of what my experience offered me: Differently-Abled: Through My Eyes.

For my second project I went out of my comfort zone to ask strangers two questions:

1) What would make them happy in three years

2) What is a motto they want to live by.

I took pictures of all the people I had the opportunity to have these conversations with and posted them on my Instagram

insta interview 1

  What will make me happy in three years?

I want to start a business, something in hospitality like opening a hostel. I am good at it and I have 7 to 8 year experience. It’s not because it makes enough money, I just want to meet different people and have more conversations.

What is the motto I want to live by?

Be kind to everyone, especially those who are poor and disabled.




insta interview 2


What will make me happy in three years?

 Making “Yummy Yoga” the best restaurant in India, a place where good food is served and help people.

What is the motto I want to live by?

Work for happiness.




Having worked on two mini projects aside the main one while I was in India played a huge role in my experience. They greatly contributed to opening my eyes and helped me in making the most out of my time abroad. I am grateful to say that I left India far richer than I was when I arrived. I hope to share my wealth… the wealth of generosity with people I encounter on a day to day basis.

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