Performance Management for a better job environment

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Performance management has become an obligation to every company in the whole world, with all the factors around it ensuring a better workplace for each employer and employee.  A good execution of it will improve the productivity of every enterprise and allow the continuous management of the value and the company’s results. Here you can find some tips to potentiate your performance management.

But first of all, it is important to understand what is performance management? It could be complex to define it if we consider all the variants that shape it. Taking some definitions from different sources is described as a model, some others say it is a methodology and many writers and consultants are using the term as a substitution for the traditional appraisal system.

The truth is that it is complicated to define it in one word, so let’s say it is the process of creating a healthy work environment in which all the involved are committed and engaged to perform the best of their skills to reach the company’s goals. It is important to know that performance management is a continuous cycle, where the most relevant phases are planning, achieving the goals, evaluating and rewarding. All the factors associated with it are necessary and we cannot skip any of them if we expect a real impact on the company’s productivity.

Performance management is a whole process, which begins with the creation of a job role and the recruitment and it is going to finish just if the worker decides to quit the job. Its correct execution depends on the management of components like expectation and goal settings, establishing priorities and managing the time, monitoring the activities, developing a scoreboard and of course the improvement of the process. So how can companies enhance their performance management since the beginning?

What does the company need?

It is really important to understand the company necessities, if we know what our company needs, running the performance management will be easier.  You must create a clear job description, recruit just potential employees and select the most qualified for the role. Take your time to hold various additional meetings, to get to know your candidates, their strengths, weaknesses, and skills that can contribute in what you need.

Expectation and goal settings

Offer to your new and old employees the opportunity to negotiate the terms and conditions of employment, like salary, benefits, flexibility, and other organizational perks, this will make them feel valued and will increase their commitment with the company. At this point, it will be easier to set their responsibilities and specify what the goals are.

According to Josh Bersin in his report called “HR Technology Disruptions for 2018. Productivity, design & intelligence reign”, more and more companies are focusing on OKR (Objectives and Key Results) goal system, this helps companies to understand their employees and improve their work teams, aligning them to the general goals.

Make the employee your friend

Finally, find a friend in your employees. Basic activities like welcoming the employees to your company, providing an effective orientation and constant capacitation, having spaces to listen to them and recognizing their effort, will ensure a right performance management. A test from Forbes shows that those employees who find friends in their coworkers are happier and more productive.

Year by year, the workplaces are changing for different reasons, mainly because the new generations have their own ideas about job criteria, so stay a step ahead and lead your performance management to create a perfect job environment and have the best results expected.


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