Why are millennials not satisfied with education?

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We asked 40,000 millennials what they think is the most serious global issue and the majority said it’s education. In general, millennials feel that the current education system is not filling their expectations. With so many resources from all parties spent on education, how can it not fulfil its purpose? What are the factors millennials are most unsatisfied with?

1. Not preparing for the future

53% of our respondents said they are not satisfied with the connection between their education and future goals. Millennials are looking for an education system that interacts with real companies and puts them into challenging real-life situations. Many educators are still sticking to books from the 90s, although it was a whole different world back then. Young people want to know that their education is relevant and that it will bring them value in the future by being able to use the knowledge and experience they have gained.

2. Not enough guidance and support for the career after graduation

Support and guidance are extremely important throughout the years of education. Currently, millennials feel that they do not get enough guidance and support to understand what they will need to achieve their future goals. Educators need to support the youth better not only through their studies to graduation, but to make sure the young people are prepared for the future and what comes after graduation. Cross-sectoral cooperation is needed to ensure a better transition from education to employment.

 3. Old methods not working anymore

Millennials feel that they do not learn only by reading from books and they feel stuck inside a classroom. As the world continues to change, the youth is hungry for practical skills that will enable them to be creative, adaptable, and innovative in the future. They want to learn by exploring and experimenting. This generation needs new, innovative approaches to learning, that will get their hands dirty and make the whole learning process an experience.

What is needed for millennials to feel more satisfied with their education, is better cooperation between educators and employers. Young people are losing trust in traditional educational institutions, but with an aligned agenda together with employers this can be turned around. Real-life experiences within the educational system and better support for the career after graduation are needed to tie education and employment more closely together. It is not that young people don’t value education, but just that the way of learning has changed. Educators need to be more flexible and cater to the needs of the youth, and employers need to be more transparent with what they expect from the youth.


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