How are millennials changing workplaces?

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How happy are employees? This is a regular question for every enterprise and institution around the world. Questions about how developed their workers are and how they feel are some of the factors which determine an employee’s productivity. For this reason, more and more companies take care of their team management strategies and their workers’ happiness, and are changing their work environments and their ways of doing things.

A report on workplaces made by Gallup shows that only one-third of employees are engaged at work and are described as being “emotionally and psychologically attached to their work and workplace”. This represents a very controversial point for a lot of companies which are struggling with their productivity and their employee retention, bringing them to consider new labor schemes.

Socially every generation has different points of view on what they consider the best options for them in job criteria. Nowadays companies have to adapt to these necessities to accommodate the current generation that is already taking over and who will soon rule leadership roles in many corporate offices.

Today millennials are changing the workplaces turning them into better work environments for everyone, based on their behaviors and lifestyle.

Millennials are commonly seen as a generation which tends to be passive, slow and glued to their smartphones, an erroneous perception – as millennials get older they look for different benefits and ways to improve their careers, and these factors are taking companies to make some changes in their workplaces.

Actually, the changes millennials are boosting in the workplace are things that everyone wants. Mainly these things are related to values like collaboration, communication, flexibility and social responsibility. Thanks to the younger generation, some practices are becoming really popular in the job market. Here are some of the ways millennials are changing work places around the world:

Changing jobs

As mentioned before, millennials focus on what they need in order to get the best job, and this is why they are not scared to change their jobs. If they find their element, they will be happier and more productive. That’s the reason why a lot of companies create programs that allow them to explore different areas before hiring them.

Salary boosting

Even when the experience is one of the most important things for millennials, they know what their ideas and knowledge represent to the company and they look for a pay raise concerning their contribution to create a positive impact on operations.

A meaningful purpose and communication

Millennials believe that every single action represents a valuable move for the company, but this is related to how companies are motivating and leading their employees. More and more millennials tend to get involved in different tasks and contribute to the goals set in order to create a real team while expecting a leadership development.

Look for the perks

These young workers search benefits, and surprisingly millennials seek for those things that ensure them a better life, which gives them autonomy and flexibility, such as, retirement plans and health insurance.

Stable offers

The more stable a company is, the more they will project a future in it. This is because millennials look for growth and want to do it together with the enterprise.


This is probably the most remarkable change that millennials are executing with their actions. To them standing eight hours at a desk is not the synonym of productivity. Freelance work is becoming very popular day by day. This happens because both employers and employees believe this allows a balance in the worker’s life, which translates into a better engagement with their jobs and the company.


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