Let’s teach how to reduce food waste!

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Have you ever taught anyone about the Sustainable Development Goals?

Well if you have, you know the hardships that you had to go through. If not let me tell you. Teaching is Hard. Preparing to teach is Harder. It involves researching, learning and preparing materials.  Also picking up a Goal to teach is a hard task itself!

All of the above questions arises when events like the World’s Largest Lessons happen. Wait, Do you know the World’s Largest Lesson?

World’s Largest Lesson introduces the Sustainable Development Goals to children and young people everywhere and unites them in action. The World’s Largest Lesson is an initiative of Project Everyone in partnership with UNICEF.

AIESEC, in collaboration with Worldchefs, Electrolux Food Foundation and Project Everyone has created a universal workshop kit for SDG 12 –  RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION & PRODUCTION named: Food Heroes.

The objective of making the Food Heroes Workshop Toolkit is to help educate kids from 9 to 14 on how to minimize food waste and become advocates for sustainable food consumption.

It has outlined the learning outcomes,

  •  Understand that their actions can affect The Global Goals: specifically with food waste
  •  Use creative literacy to engage action on reducing food waste
  •  Create a plan to reduce food waste in their own lives

Also the kit helps you to prepare for the lesson, has a number of activities to do, video materials, a self assessment and a template of certificate!. It will make your job much easier.  

We will start piloting the workshop kit with several countries in winter as a part of Feed the Planet initiative.

You can access the Lesson plan for SDG 12: Food Heroes here.

Let’s spread the word about Responsible Consumption together!


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