I left comfort a week ago…

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I left comfort a week ago…

Oh wait! I think that before I jump to the topic I should update you a bit on what’s going on in my life right now.

It’s been a week since I arrived to Morocco. My longest journey outside my country so far. Both in duration and distance.

goodbye comfort

The road to get here wasn’t easy. Delayed flights, buses, trains and boats. Uncertainty at its best, something that I’m very bad at dealing with. Looking back to the comfort of the certainty I had back home regarding, well, basically everything kind of hurts.

Waking up in a bed that is not the one I’m used to feels very bizarre. Cooking in a kitchen that isn’t mine is a challenge (if you add the fact that not even ingredients are the same, it gets evenweirder). Not being able to bask in the safety of the living room in my house is disconcerning.

Language has proven to be a big barrier. It’s not even the same alphabet. It’s pretty amusing listening to people talk and not understand what they say. I cannot find comfort in there. However it’s a big opportunity to learn something new (or at least is what I tell myself everyday).

Ah man! How I miss food. Everything here tastes, smells and looks very differently.

It’s been a week since I left the comfort of my room and what an adventure it has been.

I went from looking at the same faces everyday and talking to the same people to always meeting somebody new. And that new person always greets me with welcoming words and hidden wisdom to share. Yes, I’ve been learning.

I left home with a purpose and I still hold it very close. Being out here, out of my comfort zone, has been tough and challenging. But I came here with a goal and I’m not prepared to give up on it.

This is something I couldn’t do back home, since there wasn’t much to overcome back there. I needed to go out and out I am. I don’t know if I’m living my experience correctly (if there’s an actual way to do it), but despite all the challenges I’ve been through, I find myself in comforting company of strange new friends that will surely become family.

It’s been a humbling experience. To be out of the comfort of my home means so little when the reward of becoming a better version of myself is so much bigger. Development for a little discomfort seems like a good deal so far.

Here, now, I promise you to never give up because I don’t feel comfort anymore.


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