How to Tell Your Bestfriend is a True AIESECer

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What’s up!!!!



If you’re an AIESECer, you must be familiar with this call.  It’s not just a regular call. It’s a sign of excitement and motivation to make all AIESECers keep their heads up throughout the day. Especially if you have a long day with classes or work, this call will energize you while participating in our offline or online meetings.

However, AIESECers are not only about this. In fact, many signs show you if a person is an AIESECer. Here are some signs to look up for.

AIESECers have great dance moves

The energy of AIESEC is unmatched.  AIESEC is a place where people can show their true selves. One of the ways to do it is through dancing. 

Have you heard about roll call dance? Roll call dancing is a way for  AIESEC to charge your energy, and fill your soul with happiness and excitement. No matter the circumstances, we always love to dance roll calls. We have tons of roll call dances in AIESEC. 

There’s no exact time when is the roll dance started. It was started a few years ago at the International Congress where all the member committees are dancing after being called.  Little did they know that they succeeded to create a new AIESEC Culture. We also make a blog specifically about roll dance!

If you see your friend have good moves, and a blast while dancing to a specific song…then chances are, he’s in AIESEC.

AIESECErs love connecting with people

If you see your friends openly greet people with a smile, they are probably part of AIESEC. AIESEC held significant events in the past. Physical conferences that hosted over 400 delegates from every part of the world. 

The atmosphere was vibrant and cheerful. Members connected with each other despite all the differences. This only highlights our values of living diversity and enjoying participation. In 2020 our conferences went virtual, but the connections we created online were as authentic as before.

AIESECers are technology savvy

Have you ever seen your friends use tools such as Asana, Google Spreadsheet, Google Calendar, or Figma? If yes, they’re probably AIESECers. We use many tools to support our work. We use Google calendar to plan our schedules efficiently; we use Google spreadsheets to create trackers, evaluations, or even plans. 

Figma is a good option for you to design posters by collaborating with your friends. If these tools are unfamiliar to you, we recommend checking them out! Who knows, maybe you enter the organization with a lot of skills beforehand.

AIESECers have their own ‘vocabulary’

Do you understand?



or maybe

If you don’t have any questions, please say ‘wave.’

These two examples always happen in AIESEC. AIESEC doesn’t have the legitimate vocabulary to collide words that we usually use daily.  Also, we have terms such as LCP, MCP, RO, GST, or EST which are not really common outside AIESEC. That’s what makes us unique. 

Ong Shi Jie, the exchange participant from Malaysia, said that “AIESECers always use certain words that they use too often. So I found myself annoyed when I went to my exchange and found people saying ‘cool’ too much. But then I get used to it and use it more than they do”. 

Thus, if you see your friend use ‘cool’ or ‘wave’ constantly, it might be a sign that they’re AIESECers.

AIESECers are familiar with the professional world

If you think AIESEC is the same as other organizations, you’re wrong. AIESEC has similarities with a start-up. We provide our members’ development through practical learning experiences. 

It’s not exaggerated if we say that AIESECers are the luckiest people on earth. AIESEC is an excellent place for you to try many things. For instance marketing, PR, talent management, or even technology. Yes, everyone can try even though their background contrasts with what they applied for. 

We also encourage our members to take higher positions as project managers, conference managers, sales managers, and so on. Business notions are the everyday language for AIESECers.  

AIESECers are experienced in international working spaces

What is amazing about AIESEC is that we’ve been recognized by the United Nations. AIESEC  has a partnership with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in order to increase youth engagement and entrepreneurship to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. AIESEC also has consultative status in UNESCO and has common projects in collaboration with UNDP to advance youth contribution to SDGs. Even while you’re reading this, there are some conferences and projects happening at this exact moment somewhere in the world to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

AIESECers will show high interest in world issues. You’d be surprised to find out how much they know. 

Wrapping up

We hope that you’ve gained new insights about how to identify if your best friends are AIESECers. Being friends with AIESECers is an incredible chance for you to learn many things. Be it in the area of business, world issues, culture, tools, and of course leadership. Furthermore, if you’re interested to be part of this amazing environment, don’t hesitate to join us!


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