How to source candidates from abroad

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Previously on this blog, we have highlighted some of the benefits of diversity in hiring. The 2015 McKinsey report Diversity Matters reveals that diverse companies perform better and have better employee satisfaction. One of the ways to increase diversity in your organization is to hire from abroad.

International hires have the potential to fundamentally change the way you think and work. International candidates come from a different cultural background, so they see things from an outsider’s point of view. This is invaluable in problem solving and creativity.

Hiring from abroad can have great benefits, but it can also be a great cost if not done properly. You might think: where do I get the money to hire abroad? Where do I find the time? Do I have enough other resources?

Luckily, international hiring and how to source candidates from abroad is something that AIESEC can help you with. Let’s see how!

Step 1: Partnership portal

Everything starts with signing up to AIESEC’s partnership portal. This portal allows you, with AIESEC’s support, to post a job opening and contact suitable candidates.

You can start by registering here and signing a contract with the local AIESEC office in your area. The specifics of the contract will be discussed with the local AIESEC office. After this, you can publish a job opening. Be specific with the job description and especially about the requirements. If you have strict requirements (knowledge of a certain language or a programming language), it’s better to be honest about it upfront.

Step 2: Shortlisting

After creating your job opening, you can start screening for international talents. On the partnership portal, you can search for candidates with different nationalities, backgrounds and/or skills. We encourage you to use this tool, as looking for talents among the thousands of potential candidates manually is a huge undertaking. AIESEC can also help you in shortlisting candidates and support you anytime.

Job openings are visible also on the youth side of the portal for them to apply independently. If you have any questions, you can use the chat tool in the bottom right corner of the page.

Step 3: Contact

On the partnership portal, you can “show interest” and contact potential candidates for an interview. How you conduct the interview or the selection process depends on your own preferences and possibly the contract with your local AIESEC office.

Bear in mind that other candidates can also apply for your opening independently. Don’t be surprised if you receive applications or are contacted by other interested candidates.

Step 4: Visa, logistics & AIESEC support

After finding the perfect intern and selecting them, AIESEC steps in to support you with the visa process and general logistics.  We pick up the interns at the airport, help them find an apartment and support them in legalities. This way, you can focus more on the exact duties of the intern and prepare everything in your company.

Your local AIESEC office will also facilitate an intercultural experience for the interns. This facilitation includes, for example, cultural preparation and integration. Together with AIESEC, you also host development spaces for the interns for their own personal growth. AIESEC specializes in youth leadership development, and that will be a focus throughout the internship.

To wrap up

By partnering with AIESEC, you have the possibility to change the way you work. AIESEC helps you to find candidates from abroad, provides them with logistical and cultural support, and co-facilitates the interns’ personal development with you. Also, hiring an intern can yield you a permanent employee later – many of our interns stay at the company after their internship. So what are you waiting for? Sign up on our partnership portal today!

Not convinced yet? Read here what Deutsche Post DHL Group, Husqvarna Group, and ING Group have gained by working with AIESEC.


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