How to ensure diversity in your recruiting and hiring process

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 In today’s’ corporate world, diversity in the workplace has become a stable of successful companies, and that’s for good reason since it has been proven time and time that it helps elevating the workplace and therefore, the results.

While the importance of diversity has been discussed endlessly, there still seems to be sort of a question mark around specific techniques to achieve that goal. A recent study shows that almost half of recruits don’t have strategies to attract diverse candidates.

So, how can you effectively diversify your workplace?


  • Try new candidate scanning methods

One of the main reasons that companies fail at diversifying their recruitment is because they scout for new employees via the same outlets or methods they used for their current employees. Trying new methods and taking a chance on them should be the right attitude to take your company in a bold new direction. A great starting point for that is the AIESEC Partners portal where you can find a massive pool of diverse young people from around the globe.


  • Hire based on specific merits and values

When it comes to diversity, the best thing you can do is put all superficial aspects (Race, gender, etc.) aside, and focus on merits and values only. Basing your recruitment on pre-determined merits will yield diverse results in a way that feels authentic and organic.


  • Once you have them, empower them

The work to create a diverse workplace doesn’t just be recruiting diverse people. If you want to keep the ball of diverse hires going, you need to create an empowering atmosphere for your diverse employees. Make diversity in all of its forms one of your values. Don’t just accept diversity, embrace it. By doing that you’ll get a workplace that attracts diverse people on its own.


  • Use your current diverse employees in the recruitment process

It’s important to use your current diverse employees to help you scout for more diverse hires once needed. Having them wouldn’t just help with a specific demographic, but it’ll also show a sense of commitment to diversity in your company that will be a main attraction point for you. Also, having diverse people in your recruitment team empowers them, and increases their sense of belonging to your organization.


The world is moving fast, and when it comes to diversity, whoever fails to adapt to it will be doomed to be left behind.


You can check out our partners portal for your needs of diverse youthful employees from all around the world.


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