How to encourage entrepreneurship through formal education

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In the past two decades or so, the concept of entrepreneurship has been growing in popularity. With more than 400 million entrepreneurs around the world and about $148 billion in startup investments in the US alone, entrepreneurship is becoming a legit career path, and more importantly a massive factor in the corporate world.

With this constant growth comes the question of how to introduce it to the younger generation in the most effective way?


  •     Start from a young age:

It’s been said that a child’s personality starts shaping at the age of 5, so it’s important to introduce kids to the concept at an appropriately young age.


  •     Make it interesting for the younger audience:

The idea of entrepreneurship could be a bit scary for people at a young age, so it’s important to introduce it in a fashionable manner. Ideas like a shark tank for kids, TED talks for kids or brainstorm bins are a great way to include the kids in the conversation without overwhelming them.


  •     Get the families and the community on-board:

Usually, families in general and the parents, in particular, are complementary to the schools/universities and what they teach. One of the most effective ways to establish a sense of entrepreneurship in the youth is by on-boarding the parents and showing them the importance of it. The more the community understands and supports entrepreneurship the better the results.


  •     Support entrepreneurship programs:

There are already a lot of established organizations that enhance the skills need to be a successful entrepreneur. By supporting those organizations, and even including them as an official source of credit for specific majors, you’ll enhance the skills of the students in a very effective way.  A great example is AIESEC which provides thousands of entrepreneur experiences for young people all around the world.


  •     Bring in established entrepreneurs:

In our world, seeing is believing, so bringing your students a living of entrepreneurship and what it does is a great tool. Bring them for a session, workshop or even a whole class.


  •     Experience is the best teacher:

Try to support the best ideas that your students have. Allow them to try it out and even provide fund if possible, to the best ones, giving them a chance to experience it first-hand, and for the rest to view it and learn from it.


As young people, we’re constantly advancing the world with new ideas, and the core of all of this innovation boom is entrepreneurship. So, now more than ever, introducing the younger generation to entrepreneurship is a must if we want to keep advancing.

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What are your thoughts on this? What is the best way to introduce the upcoming generation to entrepreneurship? Share with us in the comments below



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